Thursday October 2, 2014

A music video for Better Call Saul  will premiere this Sunday, October 5th at 7:15pm ET/PT, during the final night of AMC’s Breaking Bad marathon, which began in August and concludes this Sunday night with the final six episodes of the best drama in TV history.

GAC premieres this piece of utter trash tonight: J.D. Scott visits America's best amusement parks in pursuit of thrills, chills... and funnel cake. Follow along as he joins theme park enthusiasts on some of the wildest roller coasters, the wettest water slides and the most extreme attractions in the country. You'll want to be in the front car for the ultimate ride through All-American Amusement Parks.

NBC debuts two new shows tonight, Bad Judge and A to Z.  I've already watched the premiere of A to Z, and while sappy, it's worth a look.

A&E premieres Dead Again tonight.  By way of reminder, the net describes the show as follows: "The hour-long series follows a top team of detectives who will re-examine controversial murder cases in which unresolved questions still linger long after the verdict was determined. 

"The elite team of investigators include Detective Michelle Wood, a homicide officer from Chicago with 13 years on the force; Detective Joe Schillaci, a 30-year veteran of the Miami PD with a background in homicide and undercover work, and fan-favorite from The First 48; and Kevin 'Spider' Gannon, a retired NYPD detective and supervisor.  With no prior knowledge of the crime or the verdict, Michelle, Joe and Kevin will begin each investigation at a meticulously reconstructed crime scene and work the case, interviewing witnesses, forensic specialists and other key players.  The question is: will they come to the same conclusion as in the original case? Or will they uncover new evidence that the killer could still be out there? 

"Throughout the season, the shocking cases will take viewers all over the country in pursuit of justice.  In Georgia, the team re-investigates the vicious double-homicide of a father and son attacked in their home.  When the detectives arrive in Ohio to re-open the horrific case of a young mother whose throat was slashed while her children slept nearby, they soon learn that she had been leading a double-life.  And in Texas, the investigators re-examine the brutal murder of a young art student whose case takes an unexpected turn that reveals a sinister plot for revenge. 

How big a fan of Scandal are you?  Evidently, I'm a bigger fan than I thought. 

USA has renewed Satisfaction.

Jeff Probst talks about last night's Survivor and how dumb Val is/was.  Specifically, "I haven’t been as wrong about a player as I was about Val in a long, long time. I think Val panicked. She overplayed. She didn’t need to come back with such a big and almost completely unbelievable lie. I appreciate that she went for it and I can respect the effort, but it seems like she was on the wrong side of the strategy. Coming back from Exile having spent zero time with your tribe is a very tough situation to find yourself in, but saying you have an idol (or two) is a very aggressive strategy and almost forces the tribe to flush your idol."

The crew of Transparent is chock full of LGBT.

Why some TV showrunners find it hard to succeed in the feature film business.

NBC has renewed The Sing-Off for a FIFTH season?  That's shocking.

So is this.  DirecTV will pay the National Football League an average of $1.5 billion a year over eight years for exclusive rights to sell its Sunday Ticket package of weekly games, a source familiar with the agreement said on Wednesday.

All I needed to read was the headline on this story and I was 100% committed.  Per Deadline, "[a]fter a lengthy gestational period, FX Networks has given a pilot green light to comedy Pariah starring Bill Burr. It was co-created by It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia writer-producers John Chernin and Dave Chernin, with Sunny creator Rob McElhenney set to direct. The project hails from FX Prods. and studio-based RCG Prods., the production company of Sunny masterminds McElhenney, Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton, who will executive produce alongside Burr, the Chernins and 3 Arts’ Dave Becky, Michael Rotenberg and Nick Frenkel.

ˆ"Pariah centers on volatile TV personality Joe Abbott (Burr) who, after an on-air meltdown, is exiled from show business and forced to navigate society as a man with no apparent skills. 'Bill Burr is a great comedic talent'” said FX’s Nick Grad. 'Teaming Bill with Rob, Charlie and Glenn, along with John and Dave is a perfect recipe for a terrific comedy pilot.'”  I whole-heartedly agree.

Per EW, "Fox is dumping half of Utopia from its schedule.  The idealistic-sounding series with the hellish ratings is being yanked from Tuesday nights. From now on, Utopia will only air on Fridays. The move comes just hours after we predicted this very move in EW‘s first canceled shows post. While Utopia is not canceled, the decision marks a major demotion for the series.

"Instead, Fox is going to launch the second season of Masterchef Junior in the Tuesday at 8 p.m. slot. starting Nov. 4. Next week, Fox will encore its Family Guy/Simpsons crossover episode in the time period, then have animated repeats the following week. Then Fox’s World Series coverage will take over the night until the premiere of Masterchef Junior, which was originally intended for Friday night.

"Fox had a very ambitious plan for Utopia, which was originally announced as a yearlong show. Though the series was originally intended to eventually segue to one night a week, that night was supposed to be the higher-profile Tuesday nights after running for six weeks on the air.  Utopia has struggled hugely in the ratings. The reality experiment where 13 'pioneers' build a new society had only 2 million viewers Tuesday night and a 0.8 rating among adults 18-49, which wasn’t helpful for Fox’s 9 p.m. comedy block ofNew Girl and The Mindy Project."

Per Eater, "[a]fter confirming its pilot pickup back in April, Travel Channel has announced a premiere date for its liquor-focused show Booze Traveler: The program will debut Monday, November 24. According to a press release, host Jack Maxwell, a self-described 'cocktail connoisseur,' will travel to 15 different countries during the course of the series, with cameras following as he 'connects with locals, immerses himself in regional activities, learns about the country's unique relationship with liquor.' The premiere follows Maxwell's trip to Turkey, with future locations like Belize, Armenia, and Nepal on tap."

"NBC's Marry Me is getting down on one knee and awkwardly proposing to viewers, and we've [Yahoo!] got the exclusive first look at the funny, slightly dysfunctional couple at the heart of the show. Meet, cringe at, and laugh with Annie (Casey Wilson) and Jake (Ken Marino) in the video preview.

"'The show is somewhat pulled from my own life,' Wilson says. 'I was very much hoping to get engaged, and growing increasingly... I don't want to say desperate, so I'm not going to say it. But [mouths desperate].'

"'We've got an amazing creator, David Caspe, who made Happy Endings and wrote it,' Wilson adds, speaking of her now-husband.

"Yes, Happy Endings brought them together and now Marry Me is sort of telling the next chapter in their relationship."  The show premieres October 14 at 9pm.

Per Variety, "IFC is developing a scripted comedy Uncle Chubby’s from Denis Leary’s Apostle banner.

Uncle Chubby’s follows the exploits of a group of friends in their late 20s as they play on an ice hockey team, determined to win the adult league title despite little experience playing the sport competitively.

"Apostle’s Jim Serpico and Tom Sellitti wrote the script and will exec produce with Leary.  Apostle also produces Maron for IFC."

Here's an interview with Adam F. Goldberg, creator of . . . .  The Goldbergs.   He had a few interesting things to say when it comes to his rules for the show: "We've stopped saying what grade the kids are in. I don't know if I've even said it on the show. I think maybe in the second episode, it said seventh grade. I'm not aging the kids until Adam is visually older. Adam's in middle school, still in the same grade. It's just not a chronological show. It's set in the hazy memories of the 80s. That's something I pitched starting in the pilot. It's just so limiting and then you end up with something like ‘That 70s Show’ when it starts in '76 and goes 10 years. It's a lose-lose situation. This allows me to have fun with everything I remember in the 80s. I play it really fast and loose on purpose. It just works creatively. I believe that it's probably the sole reason that the show worked the first season and came back. It allowed me to tell stories that I was desperate to tell and it all took place in different years.

"I have a couple rules for the show that sometime drives the writers crazy, but there all rules about making the show feel real and like what I grew up with. One of the rules is I can't have 80s celebrities on the show playing roles other than themselves. And even an actor from the 80s playing themselves creates complications for me, because they're older and I never met any of those people when I was a kid. I always wanted to meet David Hasselhoff, but I never did. So, I can't have him on the show because it isn't true. Plus, they watch show on TV like Quantum Leap, Who's the Boss, Growing Pains, Facts of life’ shows I was obsessed with as a kid. So, to have stars from those shows on the show playing Uncle Rick or something, they have him on the wall in posters. How do you reconcile those things?

"Another rule I have is that the parents can't kiss, because I never saw my parents kiss. I made a special moment in one episode and I said that would be the only time I saw my parents kiss.

"Also, I really want to keep the show as family-friendly as possible. And as writers, you want to do a lot of racy, bawdy jokes. And sometimes, we come up with great jokes like that, especially for Pops who's sort of a ladies’ man. And I'll say to the people with 10-year-old, 12 year-old kids if they'd be comfortable watching this joke with their children. Sometimes, they say ‘yeah, totally.’ And other times, they say ‘no, obviously I'm not.’ I really want to keep this a family show. It's not what I initially intended from the pilot, but it's what it's become now that it's on ABC at 8:30. Initially, it was supposed a Fox pilot, a racier expose of my family. But, it ended up at the right network and, hopefully, the right timeslot."