Monday January 13, 2014

In case you missed the Golden Globe Awards last night, here are your TV winners:

Television series, drama: Breaking Bad

Actress in a television series, drama: Robin Wright, House of Cards

Actor in a television series, drama: Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad

Television series, comedy or musical: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Actress in a television series, comedy or musical: Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation

Actor in a television series, comedy or musical: Andy Samberg, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Mini-series or motion picture made for television: Behind the Candelabra

Actress in a mini-series or motion picture made for television: Elisabeth Moss, Top of the Lake

Actor in a mini-series or motion picture made for television:Michael Douglas, Behind the Candelabra

Supporting actress in a series, mini-series or motion picture made for television: Jacqueline Bisset, Dancing on the Edge

Supporting actor in a series, mini-series or motion picture made for television: Jon Voight, Ray Donovan

Here are 17 things you missed at last night's Golden Globes, including this INCREDIBLY annoying snippet: "WME honcho Ari Emanuel spots Taylor Swift (who has been posing for photos with absolutely everyone). He shouts 'Taylor, my neighbor! It’s Ari.'” 

This story is making its way around Hollywood, after Jerry Seinfeld teased it during his Reddit Q&A last week.  Evidently, Larry David has written a Broadway play and there have been talks about Jerry Seinfeld starring in it.  I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Nat Geo Wild said on Friday that it will "counterprogram Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl and Hallmark’s Kitten Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday with an animal bowl of its own: Fish BowlFour hours of unadulterated fishbowl magic from 6-10 PM Eastern on February 2.  A goldfish. In a bowl."

The Slate loved HBO's True Detective, which premiered last night.  I was really hoping to like this show but turned it off about 15 minutes in as I found it to be painfully slow.  I may give it another shot, but at first glance it was pretty weak.  Personally, I like to be drawn in from the outset and this show most definitely failed to do that.  Like I said, I will give it another shot, but would curious to hear what anyone else thought.


I also watched both episodes of Girls last night.  I found the first to be pretty ho hum and not too interesting, while things picked up a bit with the second of the back-to-back episodes.  I don't love this show and was happy to see it get left out of the Golden Globes merriment.  Not much else to say about Girls other than I was happy to see a lot of Adam's character and I hope he remains a prominent player this season.

Here's Vulture's Matt Seitz's take on last night's premiere of Girls.  He might take issue with me "liking" the character of Adam.  "Are we supposed to like any of these characters? I seriously doubt it. Like a lot of pay cable shows, and a lot of non-Hollywood movies, Girls would rather you find its people compelling (however grimly) than think of them as marvelous individuals whom you'd love to hang around with and confide in. The nails-on-a-chalkboard tone of some of the characters' delusional pronouncements linksGirls to a more confrontational (or at least knowingly unpleasant) strain in American comedy, represented by early Albert Brooks, post–Mia Farrow Woody Allen, and nearly every TV production associated with the Seinfeld posse, including Curb Your Enthusiasm and Veep." 

Flavorwire didn't seem to have many nice things to say either.  "The irony of Girls‘ third season, which begins airing this Sunday and of which I’ve seen the first six episodes, is that acclaim and fame are taking the show further and further away from reality. The show was not always, of course, “realistic” in any sense of the word. It was a stylized presentation of one young woman’s idea of what 20-somethingness in New York was like. And its attempts at being absurd — like having last season wrap up in a decidedly romantic-comedy-esque fashion — though they frequently missed their mark in terms of tone, pacing, or any of the usual hallmarks of dramatic skill, underlined that Lena Dunham and company were not here to show you what the world, writ large, was like. They were just showing you a small slice of an (already well-connected and relatively economically comfortable) artist’s life in New York, and trying to be funny about it, full stop. (That was what let them get out from under the criticisms of their representation, or lack thereof, of race, even as it always seemed that Dunham was being too coy when she claimed her vision was narrow: she called the show Girls, and was only half-kidding with the Voice of a Generation jokes.)"

Looks like most of the cast of Breaking Bad wants to be a part of Better Call Saul.  Speaking of which, here's a conversation with the creator of the Saul Goodman character, Peter Gould.

The final season of  Mad Men  launches on April 13.

The final season of Mad Men launches on April 13.

Per EW, "AMC released a slew of 2014 premiere dates, including the launch date for the first half of the final season of Mad Men and the release month for Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul.

"The acclaimed period drama Mad Men will return Sunday, April 13 at 10 p.m. The show’s final 14 episodes will be split over two years, a strategy AMC employed with Breaking Bad (which had record ratings for its final batch of episodes last year).

"One week before Mad Men, AMC will roll out its new Revolutionary War spy thriller Turn, which stars Jamie Bell as a cabbage farmer who becomes a spy for General George Washington. Turn will get underway on April 6. This is becoming a popular date to launch cable dramas, with HBO announcing earlier this week that it will debut its spring block anchored by Game of Thrones the same night.

"Another AMC freshman series, the Texas-set 1980s computer drama Halt and Catch Fire, will launch in June.

"The Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul is scheduled for November.

"AMC also announced that Walking Dead post-episode talk-show Talking Dead has been renewed for a fifth season.

"AMC’s lower-profile unscripted shows also received a premiere date, with arm-wrestling docu-soap Game of Arms debuting Feb. 25. In May, the network will launch the third season of Small Town Security and the second season of Freakshow."

I can't believe I watch this show.

I can't believe I watch this show.

I'm often asked what's the worst show I watch or the one I'm most ashamed of.  I think I have an answer today.  Tattoos After Dark.  I'm a sucker for any and all tattoo shows, but this one is pure dreck.  It's about two Los Angeles ink/piercing shops and the antics that ensue when drunk or indigent people come stumbling in looking to have their bodies pierced or decorated with art.  It's REALLY bad.  It airs on Oxygen in case you were wondering.

Mark Burnett is bringing Lucha Libre wrestling to the new El Rey network.  Pass.

Per Reality Blurred, "[a] list of possible Celebrity Apprentice cast members was posted online last week is so ridiculous that we really shouldn’t even be paying it this much attention. The show is still in limbo, and while it’s likely to return this year at some point, there has been no official confirmation from NBC at this point.

"A tweet came from 'Legitament News,' a Twitter account which has only existed since late November and which is either a portmanteau or a misspelling of “legitimate.” It linked to its Tumblr for the full list, with the unattributed and completely implausible claim that “Producer Mark Burnett has allegedly revealed the cast.” Yeah, right.

"The list posted claimed the following people would be on the new season:

'Ving Rhames, George Lopez, Gordon Ramsey, Ludacris, Andy Dick, Criss Angel, Hulk Hogan, Scott Dissick, Monique, K Michelle, Kenya Moore, Leah Michelle, Holly Madison, Snooki'

"The misspellings of Lea Michele and Scott Disick aside, this list has a few plausible people, the kind who’ve done other reality shows (Snooki, Holly Madison, Kenya Moore, Andy Dick), but let’s start the dismissal of this as bullshit with Gordon Ramsay, who currently has three shows on Fox. I cannot imagine any scenario under which he’d jump to NBC to help it get ratings for one of its biggest reality franchises. And Lea Michelle? Please.

"The list got some legitimacy when Kenya Moore retweeted it, which suggests she either is confirming it or likes the attention. K. Michelle said she was not on the show."  I think hell would have to freeze over before Hulk Hogan jumped on this piece of trash show. That should tell you something.