Tuesday September 10, 2013

I definitely disliked Amanda on this season's Big Brother , but now that she's out of the house, the sight or sound of Andy makes my skin crawl.  Amanda might have been a bully, but Andy is a two-faced liar and I think I'd take a bully over a liar any day.  Ginger needs to start owning up if he hopes to get even one vote from the jury.  I have a fair amount of disdain for Judd as well as Ginamarie, don't get me wrong.  This season needs to just end already.

Here's the sizzle reel for Rainn Wilson's detective show that was not picked up. 

 TV Guide  ranked the top 60 all-time TV catchphrases.  Only the top 10 are ranked in order.  The list isn't half bad with the exception of #10: "It's gonna be legen — wait for it — dary."

WE tv has given a third season, 12-episode renewal to its hit original series L.A. Hair, which chronicles the fast-paced, celebrity-studded hair salon owned by stylist Kim Kimble.  Yet another reason I couldn't find WE on my dial if my life depended on it.

Here's an amazing story from Grantland about the original Survivor , Richard Hatch, his offspring, and very storied post-Survivor career.

I'm enjoying this season of The Great Food Truck Race .  I could not possibly care less about who wins, but the entertainment value of this show has not been lost over multiple seasons and countless unnecessary food trucks currently rolling around this country trying to stay afloat.  Tyler Florence has developed into a great host and he can certainly extend his range beyond just food competitions shows.

I wrote about a very odd episode of Catfish  a couple of weeks ago.  This one featured a crazed "catfisher" named Justin who decided he hated cheaters so much that he needed to take a stand.  It was both creepy and scary.  Allegedly, Justin is an aspiring actor and the whole catfish was a big hoax.  Read this article if you've seen this episode of Catfish  and decide for yourself.

I have said repeatedly that I'm all in for The Mindy Project based on some of the amazing guest appearances the show has lined up for season 2.  If you want to get a head start, you can watch the premiere here.

 TVLine is reporting that Private Practice's  Paul Adelstein will have a recurring role on the upcoming season of Scandal .  Both are Shonda Rhimes' shows so it makes sense.  I have never seen Private Practice,  so it means very little to me.

Sharon Osbourne and Jay Leno? 

Dean Norris kicks ass. 

Can ESPN finally muzzle Chris Berman?  He's insufferable and was the primary reason I didn't watch much of last night's late game between the Texans and Chargers.  He is a caricature of his former self, the one who helped to revolutionize sports highlights shows.  He's atrocious and ESPN should be ashamed that they handed a microphone to Berman (and Trent Dilfer for that matter) for this game.  Evidently, the Twitterverse agreed last night.

Variety  reviewed Million Second Quiz  and not surprisingly, the review was not too favorable.  "Once the game gets going, though, there’s really nothing particularly distinctive about it — a throwback to Twenty-One, perhaps, with The Weakest Link’s color scheme, and multiple-choice questions about as hard as the early 'You should feel like a dope if you go out now' rounds of [Who Wants To Be A] Millionaire until near the very end of the hour."

Continued good health to Robin Quivers who came clean yesterday about suffering from and defeating endometrial cancer