Monday September 9, 2013

Another gripping episode of Breaking Bad  last night.  This was one of those that ended and made me wish I was binge watching so that I could see what happens next without having to wait a full week.  The emotional build up that has been consistent throughout the show, especially the second half of this final season, is showing no end in sight and I expect it to carry forward until the very last scene of the very last episode.

The Daily Beast  called last night's episode the "finest episode of Breaking Bad yet. The smartest. The most intense. And ultimately, the most devastating."  The article went on to say, ever so eloquently, "[w]hat I think now is that there won’t be any winners when Breaking Bad is over. Just one loser: Walter White—alone, dying of cancer, with seven barrels of money all to himself. And no family left to give it any meaning.  That is the kind of bleak karmic justice 'To’hajiilee' gestures toward."

Vulture  sat down with BB  writer George Mastras, who wrote last night's epic episode.  You should read this interview if you watch this show.

Watch this 4 minute video which takes you behind the scenes of last night's final scene.   Very cool.

Here's a story where the show's cast members reveal their most difficult scenes. 

Here are photos of BB  locations in real life.  Pretty cool.

Breaking Bad  made the 2014 Guinness World Records Book as Highest-Rated Series.  The record is based on's score of 99 out 100 for the critically acclaimed meth drama. The latest Guinness edition goes on sale Thursday, September 12.

Vince Gilligan and the cast drop hints about each character's "end." 

I could go on and on with dozens more links, but I won't . . . . 

Did you see "Marshall Mather's" interview on ESPN this weekend?  If you missed it, he looked like he had taken a few too many hits of Molly.  According to ESPN, "[h]e was just messing with everyone.  We had no idea he would do that, but if you see the music video, it's him looking into the camera and doing a throwback to the '80s. You clearly saw after the video was over, he became Marshall Mathers again. He was goofing around."  Riiiiiiiiiight.

Is ANYONE planning to watch Million Second Quiz  on NBC? 

Arsenio Hall returns to late night tonight, FYI.   He's 57 years old?  Damn.

I'm tempted to order this Ron Swanson BBQ sauce.

Buzzfeed  lists the top 35 hot faces of fall television if you're curious.  The only one I recognized was Spencer Grammer.  I miss Greek .

Vulture  sat down with The Walking Dead 's Danai Gurira.

Actress/model/former Miss USA Susie Castillo has been tapped to represent Oxygen Media as its on-air personality. Castillo is tasked with building awareness for the brand by covering pop culture for the net, hosting events and participating in social media initiatives.  Congrats.  She's good people.