Thursday September 5, 2013

I always thought that   Big Brother  would be the one show I would entertain if given the option to appear as a contestant on any of the shows I watch.  After watching this season, there isn't a chance in hell I'd expose myself to this (or any other) show.  Ask Amanda Zuckerman if she regrets it.  She's come out of this looking every bit the putrid person that she is.  She lost her job as a realtor about a month ago and doesn't have a chance of getting hired by anyone who's even heard of Big Brother at this point. 

Per Deadline, A&E Network has ordered eight one-hour episodes of Crazy Hearts: Nashville, an unscripted series that will follow the lives of aspiring country music artists and insiders as they balance life, love and their pursuit of stardom in Nashville, one gig at a time.  Gross. 

From, "Sofia Vergara continues her reign as television's highest-paid actress, according to Forbes.  From June 2012 to June 2013, the Modern Family star earned a whopping $30 million, up from last year's $19 million. Part of Vergara's earnings come from her ABC sitcom as well as her endorsement deals with Diet Pepsi, Covergirl, Rooms to Go and a thyroid medication.

Landing in the second spot were both Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco and Law & Order: SVU  veteran Mariska Hargitay. Moving up 10 spots from last year's position, Cuoco's total earnings of $11 million come from her $300,000 an episode paycheck as well as syndication royalties and deals with Priceline and Toyota. Hargitay also moves up from being seventh on the list last year."

Here's the full list: 

1. Sofia Vergara, $30 million

2. Kaley Cuoco, $11 million

2. Mariska Hargitay, $11 million

T4. Tina Fey, $10 million

T4. Bethenny Frankel, $10 million

T4. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, $10 million

T4. Melissa McCarthy, $10 million

T4. Ellen Pompeo, $10 million

11. Cobie Smulders, $9 million

12. Alyson Hannigan, $8 million

T13. Amy Poehler, $7 million

T13. Julianna Margulies, $7 million

T15. Lena Dunham, $6 million

T15. Zooey Deschanel, $6 million

T15. Courteney Cox, $6 million

18. Whitney Cummings, $5 million

19. Mindy Kaling, $4 million

20. Kerry Washington, $3 million  sat down with Top Chef's  Padma Lakshmi and reported that "[a]fter 10 seasons of culinary champions and tasty triumphs, Top Chef  is -- for the first time -- headed to one of America's biggest foodie cities: New Orleans!

"To help ensure this crop of cheftestants truly represented the city's unique flavor, host Padma Lakshmi set out to find one local culinary wizard to compete on season 11. Hence Padma's Picks was born -- a six episode webseries that pits two chefs against one another, with the ultimate winner earning a spot in the competition."

Between this and Last Chance Kitchen and the sous chefs competing on Top Chef Masters , I say too much.  Just leave well enough alone. I don't know a single person who has ever watched any of these webisodes.

Here's some Kerry Washington for you. 

Another new couple alert: iCarly 's Jeannette McCurdy is dating NBA center Andre Drummond.  They met on Twitter.  Like yesterday, another pat on the back to you if you know who both of these people are!

Carlos Danger is amazing.

Terrell Owens has a podcast with Survivor 's Rob Cesternino and Last Comic Standing winner Alonzo Bodden?  I love the internet.

Remember Kelly Perdew?  He won season 2 of The Apprentice  before it became inundated with C and D-list celebrities.  In the latest where are they now, check out what this guy has been up to.  Here is a link to his official website.  

FremantleMedia has purchased the international format rights for hit Irish reality series Genealogy Roadshow. The series, from Big Mountain Productions, digs into family secrets to help people find their place in history. "The format has just hit a nerve," said Philip McGovern, Big Mountain CEO. "Everyone wants answers."   No they don't.