Wednesday September 4, 2013

Welcome back Jon Stewart.  Last night marked a very humorous and heartfelt return for The Daily Show  host.  He was overseas directing a film and I just realized that this summer flew by at warp speed.  Stewart picked up right where he left off without missing a beat.  Hats off to John Oliver for a phenomenal job filling Stewart's chair in his absence.  Here are 15 seasons of the show compressed into less than 5 minutes.

Big night on FXX tonight as It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia  and The League  are back.  Shame on the FXX folks for landing a very inopportune number on the DirecTV dial.  I doubt channel 619 will be on my radar and I am hopeful that they will rework their deal to get better placement in the mid-200's, but that's just me.

Also premiering tonight is Rescue My Renovation  on DIY.  John DeSilvia comes to the aid of homeowners who have been left high and dry by unscrupulous contractors.  Spike has green lit a show of this ilk featuring Adam Carolla and HLN supposedly has a show on tap that takes it a step further and confronts the scumbag contractors (the production company and HLN have been trying to hammer out a deal since May so I am not holding my breath for this one).  If you want to see a real contractor fixing real problems, check out DeSilvia tonight.  He's fantastic.

Louie Vito dishes on Dancing With The Stars  and talks about what he might have done differently.  The season 17 cast was announced and it's so pathetic that it doesn't even warrant a link.  Tune out.

Jodie Foster will be directing an episode of House Of Cards  next season, not that you needed another reason to tune in.

The cast of House of Cards  sat down with the New York Times.

See how Jennifer Lopez's $17.5M American Idol  contract compares to other TV show judges.

It's not a good sign that I enjoyed Amish Mafia  last night more than Suits .  This season of Suits  continues to be a bore, with story lines that are dragging out painfully and writing that has simply been subpar.  I truly hope that they pick things up when the show returns for its next cycle, but after the snippet that Michael Phelps will be making a cameo, I'd say I'm cautiously optimistic at best.  Amish Mafia , on the other hand, wow.  If you're curious about the Amish, there is enough programming on the air to give you your fill.  That said, Mafia  is looking like the best of the bunch (unless you're a big Vanilla Ice fan). sat down with Max Beasley, who plays Stephen on Suits , if you're interested

New couple alert: Omarosa Manigault is dating WWE star Titus O'Neil.  Give yourself a pat on the back if you know who both of those people are.