Thursday September 26, 2013

Vince Gilligan sat down for an interview with Rolling Stone .  Here's a piece:

"The ending is a big secret. And one of the lessons of the show is, it's difficult to keep a secret. Who have you told? 

Nobody. My girlfriend, she showed an interest in reading the scripts, so I let her read them, but I haven't told anyone the ending. If you're a painter and you've painted what you think is your best work, you don't want describe the painting to people. You don't want to say, 'Well it's got a lot of blue in it, and a guy is standing in the corner holding a scythe.' You want them to see the painting. So I wouldn't tell someone how it ended, because it would be a complete ripoff for them."

Word is that Gilligan already has his next gig lined up, this one with CBS.  The show is "a police drama called Battle Creek, [and] comes with an added layer of elite television pedigree. Based on Mr. Gilligan’s script, which he originally wrote for CBS 10 years ago, before he created Breaking Bad, the show’s production will be led by David Shore, another celebrated television producer, who created and produced the longtime Fox hit drama House.” 

Buzzfeed  makes its predictions about the finale.  Some interesting theories including that Walt will kill Jesse and the Nazis and will use the ricin on himself.

More theories about who will live and who will die come Sunday.   This is a really good breakdown of what may or may not happen with the why or why not.

This is an AMAZING theory of how the finale will play out, all based around a song called El Paso  by Mary Robbins and the title of the episode, Felina.  Yes, it's far fetched, but give it a read . . . .

Why not take a look at seven more far fetched theories about Felina ?  Like this one for example: 

"Jesse dies in indentured meth servitude; Skylar is indicted, has her kids taken from her and is thrown in jail; Walt attempts his blaze of glory but comes up short in a fit of hacking coughs just before he can pull his trigger; Uncle Jack shoots him in the head; Todd and Lydia fall in love and get married; the lucrative blue meth game funds the Aryan Nation for decades to come."

Mr. Lambert's cabin

BB  choose your own adventure book?

CBS has confirmed that Bryan Cranston will return to HIMYM for its final season, revising his role as Hammond Druthers, whom we haven't seen since season two.  Cranston is slated for one episode, and is supposed to begin shooting his guest spot soon.

I watched Knife Fight  on Esquire and don't think I need to see much more than I've already seen.  Essentially, it's Chopped  with two quasi-celebrity chefs and the setting is host Ilan Hall's restaurant in downtown Los Angeles.  Don't waste your time.

Hey Lamar Odom, go away.  Thank you. 

Vulture  caught up with former Double Dare host Marc Summers.

 EW  offering up some never before seen footage from The Challenge, which concluded last night as it should have.  SPOILER ALERT: Wes and CT won on the guys side and Paula and Emily on the girls side.  The best athletes triumphed.  My wife thinks Wes is gay.  Not sure that's relevant, but she mentioned it several times as last night's finale played on our TV.  

TLC has evidently given six-episode series orders to two reality series, Breaking the Faith and Escaping the Prophet, that feature ex-FLDS church members. Breaking the Faith, which premieres November 24, follows several young men and women who escape the community to start new lives. Escaping the Prophet, which is set for a December debut, focuses on former FLDS member Flora Jessup’s activities to helps families flee the compound. 

After an 8-year hiatus, though, NBA Inside Stuff is returning. It will be on NBA TV, not NBC, at the familiar noon Eastern Time. On the plus side, the useless MJ hanger-on Ahmad Rashad will not be involved.  He will instead be replaced by recently retired Grant Hill.  Enjoy.

Kudos to The League  for a bizarre but still amazing episode last night.  Great cameos from Kevin Nealon and Will Sasso and a well written episode by Seth Rogen.

Lauren Graham talks about dating her on-screen brother on Parenthood.

I will undoubtedly remind you of this again, but the second season of docuseries Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life premieres on Wednesday, October 30 at 10:30p on MTV. While season one followed Ke$ha on the road, season two gives viewers a glimpse of her down town and introduces her family.