Wednesday September 25, 2013

Rolling Stone  sat down with Bob Odenkirk to talk about the end of Breaking Bad .  "I don't know how the show ends. I did not read the last episode and a half. Wherever I was not in it, I did not read it. Not only did I not read the parts I was not in, I put them in the trash in my e-mail, and then I deleted my trash.  I'm a fan of the show! I want to watch it just like you!"

Vulture  talked to BB 's RJ Mitte:

"How satisfying do you think the finale is?

I think people are going to be satisfied by every aspect, the way it all comes together, the way it plays out. What happens in the finale will change everything. So much is going to happen in just one episode. I don’t know how we did it."

 Krysten Ritter (Jane) is still watching Breaking Bad  and is rooting for Walter White.  She penned the article and it's worth a read for commentary like this:

"I remember thinking it was pretty fucked up that Walt would just let a young girl — me, for all intents and purposes — die in front of him, but I certainly didn't realize that it would be such a pivotal moment for the show and for Walter White. That decision was his turning point and there was no going back. 

In the buildup to Jane's final days, I didn't really process what was happening. I remember the hair and makeup girls saying how weird and sad it would be to shoot, but for me that never sunk in. I was busy thumping around on my Nintendo DS with Aaron during down time and just excited to have death makeup and walk around set looking all scary."

And this: "Like everyone else, I will miss my Breaking Bad–induced stress and emotional turmoil, and I'll feel sad when the final scene fades out. Seriously: What the heck will I do with my Sunday nights?! Book club, anybody?"  Seriously.

Is Heisenberg Dead? 

You're really missing out John Stamos! 

Here are instructions to make yourself look like Walter White for Halloween

All kidding aside, what am I going to lead with come Monday? 

Tonight we close the door on another season of The Challenge.  I feel like the drama has been lacking to a large degree as there have been far too few fights or tirades.  Wes has been far too mellow and even Frank seems to have kept a level head.  Let's get that corrected for the next go around please.

Per Deadline, "Heroes alum Jack Coleman has been cast in a multi-episdoe arc on ABC’s  Scandal. Per Shonda Rhimes’ gag order, little is known about his character Daniel Douglas who is a charming Southerner with ties to one of the gladiators."

Mindy Kaling did a Google "hangout" with EW.  Here are some highlights: 

Happy Endings‘ Adam Pally is coming on the show as a co-worker of Mindy’s, and more importantly, an MMA enthusiast.

+ Kaling has a long list of dream guest stars, starting with Danny McBride. “I am obsessed with Danny McBride. I drive by a billboard for Eastbound and Down every day when I go to work … I think Kenny Powers is the funniest character on television right now,” Kaling says. So who would she have him play? Well, one idea the writers have thrown around is that Mindy “needs a gay friend.”

+ Other dream guest stars include: Reese Witherspoon, Anne Hathaway, Idris Elba, Kerry Washington, Lena Dunham, Adam Driver, Carl Reiner, and John McEnroe.

I'm pretty much over The Voice and already miss Usher and Shakira.  That said, I applaud Carson Daly for showing genuine excitement as he watches the performances backstage with the performers' families.  Upon each turn of the chair, Daly looks as thrilled as the friends and family with whom he's standing.  I also enjoyed Adam dropping an NBA stat on Monday's premiere.

I watched Mom and call me crazy, but I kinda liked it.  I laughed more than I would have ever guessed. 

I also watched The New Atlanta on Bravo.  Nothing special would be putting it mildly.  The only things that stood out were the incredibly unique names of the cast (e.g., Africa, Sincerely, Tribble, Vawn).  In fact (and sadly I might be one of about eight people who know this) Tribble was the star of season 2 of CMT's version of The Bachelor, called Sweet Home Alabama.  Yes, I'm hanging my head in shame.

I missed this last week, but you can see which fictional characters share the same birthday as you.  I landed The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Before it became known as Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar, it was called T.J. Applebee's Rx for Edibles and Elixirs.  Who knew?