Tuesday September 24, 2013

Do we really need something to block Breaking Bad  spoilers on Twitter?  Evidently, the answer is yes.

Breaking Bad  writer Peter Gould talks about the series' penultimate episode.  Great interview and worth clicking for a handful of interesting tidbits. The scene "where Walt is begging his son to take the money, really tearing himself open. Interesting sideline: Bryan did that scene, knocked it out of the park, and then the film was run over by an airplane. I kid you not. Our postproduction producer Diane Mercer still has the crushed film cans. We had pictures of film being brought into our labs in garbage bags. We had to go back and reshoot a portion of that scene. Bryan had to go through all that twice."

Gould also talked with The Hollywood Reporter  for another great interview.  Here's what he said about Aaron Paul's performance surrounding Andrea's execution: 

"I wrote that it was an explosive reaction. With directing, I want to see what the actors bring to it first before I start messing with it. The great thing about having creative, brilliant actors like Aaron Paul is that they feel deeply. Aaron spends a lot of time with his script. He spends a lot of time thinking about where his character is and where his character is going to be. He analyzes the script, as does Bryan. His reaction was so explosive and heartbreaking that I was all about getting it on film. Originally in that sequence, there was a little bit more with him at the beginning. There was a piece where he was watching Todd approach Andrea's house. We found his reaction was so strong and so powerful that we wanted to save it until just before the shooting."

And he had this to say about the scene with Gretchen and Elliott (of Suits  fame) on Charlie Rose: 

"It's hard to talk about because it leads into the next episode. There's no question seeing Gretchen and Elliot waved a red flag in front of Walt. What he's actually thinking there, you can make a lot of assumptions. It'll be really interesting to talk about after everyone's seen the finale. I think people are going to see it in a different light."


Watch the cast of Breaking Bad  giving away blue meth on Conan.

I just purchased tickets to go see By The Way In Conversation With  (Jeff Garlin's podcast) for next Monday night, where the guest will be none other than Bob Odenkirk a.k.a. Saul Goodman.  I will have a full report on Tuesday morning.

If you're a fan of Restaurant Stakeout  on Food Network, this is probably going to bum you out.  Akin to the story about House Hunters from last year being a complete fraud, a New Jersey restaurant owner blew the lid off Restaurant Stakeout :

"'They portrayed us as failing, and we're not," said Frank Dauksis, owner of the popular Belleville establishment that will celebrate its 31st anniversary in November.

"'A friend of mine works for the crew," said Dauksis of the show. "They asked me if we wouldn't mind being involved.'

"The 'failure' route, with host Willie Deegle coming in to 'save' the bar, was entirely scripted.

"'Even the fake was fake,' laughed Dauksis. 'I really just did it for the publicity … They changed the show around, (as) I didn't want us to be portrayed badly.'

"The major plotline cooked up was that the bar's biggest selling item was Jersey (Buffalo) Wings. The recipe had apparently sold by an unscrupulous cook – but six weeks later, the bar was 'saved' by implementations suggested by Deegle, who actually filmed his scenes on-site.  The six weeks, though, was only in TV time.  'It was really two days later,' said Dauksis of the actual time frame."

They should have made season 9 How I Met Your Father.  Last night's two-part season premiere was atrocious.  This show hasn't been good for some time, but kudos to them for withholding the "Mother" for 8+ seasons to keep suckers like me coming back for more.  The writing has fallen off a cliff and I don't think I cracked more than a smile over the full hour.  

That said, Buzzfeed  sat down with "Mother" Cristin Milioti.  She also sat down with The Wall Street Journal.  Side note, I saw her latest film, Bert and Arnie's Guide To Friendship  (don't ask), and you needn't waste your time or money.  I am looking forward to seeing her in The Wolf Of Wall Street .

Alan Sepinwall thinks Milioti was the right choice to play Mother. 

Jon Hamm sold his UWS apartment for $2.5M.  See photos of his pad here.  In the meantime, Hamm and Amy Poehler thew an Emmy losers party.

The Emmy Awards were so tough on Mario Lopez that he needed an IV drip post-show?  Come on. 

 Buzzfeed  is really bringing it today.  They list 20 reasons why we miss Flight Of The Conchords.  I could add about a dozen more to this list.

ABC is premiering a bunch of new sitcoms tonight, FYI.