Monday September 16, 2013

I have been told that I write about Breaking Bad  a LOT on this blog.  It's for good reason.  We creeping towards a finale that I believe is the most anticipated in 15 years (Seinfeld , 1998).  I'll continue to put this show toe to toe against any other in history and it will hold its own.  Last night's epic episode is yet another reason why.

The Hollywood Reporter  called last night's episode the best ever, and summed it up quite nicely here:

"In 'Ozymandias,' it was like every moment contained a line or an action that you couldn’t believe was playing out-- partly because we’ve all been waiting for them to unfold, pretty much since the show began but most definitely, and with authority, in this final season. This, with two episodes to go, felt like the biggest reveal in all five seasons -- the writers flipping almost all the cards over, playing their hands, ending the suspense (and yet, most people were still probably barely breathing or stuck to the ceiling). "

Vulture did a great job pointing out what we saw and what might be yet to come.  Do NOT read this if you have not yet watched last night's show.

"There are still dots left to connect in these final two episodes. We know why Walt has a different identity in the flash-forward (he got in the magical metamorphosis mobile that Jesse never did), but not who trashed his house and wrote "HEISENBERG" on the wall. (Though now we have an inkling how neighbor Carol knew to be scared shitless when he returned.) Has Walt returned to pursue vengeance against Jack and the Nazis? Could Jesse have gained Todd's trust and become their meth guru, further spiking Walt's fury and need for blood?

"The biggest question is: Will Walt end the series with any redemption whatsoever? So hard to predict: He begged for Hank's life… but then ordered Jesse dead, tossing in an "I watched Jane die" for his former partner to take to the grave. He tore into Skyler on the phone, but his tears — and subsequent handing Holly over to the fire department — indicated that this was likely a misdirect, and he knew full well that the police were listening in. The episode began with a flashback to Walt's first lie, back in the more innocent days when he had to rehearse to tell Skyler that he was working late at the car wash when he was really cooking in the desert in his sad man panties. Now the lying is second nature, but the weeping indicated that perfection has taken its toll."

EW  said this: "One of the best episodes in Breaking Bad history — if not TV history — was also the show’s most-watched episode ever."  Amen.

Here's Alan Sepinwall's review if you're curious about what he thought.   This pretty much nailed it: "[h]olding Holly in the bathroom, and hearing her ask for her mother, at least breaks the spell long enough for him to realize that he can't take her, and that he has to do everything he can to protect Skyler from the consequences of his actions. His call to the house is, on the surface, yet another disgusting expression of Walter White's pride, but it's really just another performance by master thespian Heisenberg: doing everything he can to make sure the cops think all fault belongs to him, and that Skyler (who, I think, realizes what he's doing as the invective gets angrier and angrier) is simply his blameless victim. It's the only decent thing he has left to do before he hops into the minivan of Saul's guy and prepares for his new life in New Hampshire as Mr. Lambert."

We are down to one more episode of this summer's Big Brother.  Haven't we had enough of these types of throw away hours by now?  I will say, in defense of the episode, that I had NO idea that Judd made out with Aaryn AND Jessie.  Clearly, I don't watch the live feeds, read recaps or check any message boards.

Here's a great video with some classic bullies (in their present day form) from films such as The Karate Kid , Can't Buy Me Love  and A Christmas Story.

On the heels of that, EW  reports that "William Zabka, the beloved 'villain' from The Karate Kid who was featured last season on How I Met Your Mother, will return to the CBS comedy this fall.  Zabka will appear as himself in at least eight episodes this season. The creators hoped to keep it as a surprise but star Cobie Smulders posted a photo of her and him on Instagram."

I enjoyed a few videos from the old show Rockstar on Friday, but be forewarned that you could get sucked in for a while, especially by Marty Casey.  Sing it if ya know it.  In case you're curious, Marty is still playing with the Lovehammers.  According to their website, they have been playing some smaller cities and venues (although they did play the Viper Room in Los Angeles early this year; shame on me for missing it) and have a new record that may or may not have been recently released.

A handful of Emmy awards were handed out last night in advance of Sunday's live awards show.  CBS’ Undercover Boss won best reality show, South Park was named best animated show, while Project Runway‘s Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn took best reality hosts. The Guest Actor/Actress categories were the highlight of the ceremony with emotional wins for comedy great Bob Newhart, who snagged his first Emmy forThe Big Bang Theory, Dan Bucatinsky (Scandal), Melissa Leo  (Louie) and Carrie Preston (The Good Wife).  

House of Cards won for Best Cinematography for a Single Camera Drama Series and for Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series, besting Downton AbbeyHomelandGame of Thrones, and The Good Wife. 

Learn about the 6 new Saturday Night Live cast members here.

Not that I need another reason(s) to watch Parenthood , but if you do, I highly recommend this article.

I read this snippet this morning and had to do a little digging: CBS is using yogurt to promote its fall comedy line-up. Customers at two Yogurtland locations in L.A. can choose from flavors like "How I Met Your Mocha" and "2 Broke Graham Crackers"; on Mondays between noon at six, the sweet treat in on the house. Promotion runs through Monday, September 30.

Upon further review, the above is an understatement as there will actually be SIX whole Yogurtland locations participating in this promo, but it's not as limiting as some would have you believe.

- From Friday, Sept. 13 through Monday, Sept. 30, select Yogurtland locations in several major cities will offer CBS comedy series-inspired frozen yogurt flavors and store-wide branding, marking Yogurtland’s first in-store takeover by a television network.

- On Premiere Monday (Sept. 23) the same participating Yogurtland shops will provide free frozen yogurt from Noon to 6:00 PM.

- All Yogurtland shops throughout the country will accept CBS comedy-branded coupons for a free first five ounces of frozen yogurt on Monday, Sept. 23.  (Coupons can be accessed/printed via CBS’s comedy series’ Facebook pages and Yogurtland’s official Facebook page.)

Happy eating.