Wednesday September 11, 2013

FOX reports that "studio doors are locked tight when new Southern shows come a-knockin’.

“'The market just got saturated and development execs are all looking for next big thing,” the well-placed insider told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. 'Shows set in the South have seen phenomenal success over the past few years, and TV viewers have showed up by the millions to get a glimpse of the South. That being said, more recently we’ve seen that a lot of networks are trying to veer away from the South in the new shows they’re developing.'   

"Which means the current reality TV landscape – which includes A&E megahit
Duck Dynasty, History Channel’s Swamp People, CMT’s Redneck Island, and Discovery’s Backyard Oil and Moonshiners – may soon be but a memory."  I guess this means we aren't likely to see a second season of Tickle ???

Nick Brody's house on Homeland  just sold for $394.000.

This can't miss.  TheWrap reports that "Laura Ling will tackle the modern plague of bath salts and other contemporary intoxicants on Oct. 3, when her new series “Society X With Laura Ling” premieres on E!

"On the series premiere, Ling will explore the trend of getting high on bath salts, spice and synthetic hallucinogens, E! said on Tuesday.

"Ling goes along on a raid a suspected drug dealer’s smoke shop in the first episode of the documentary-style series.

"The television journalist 'discovers where these drugs are derived, who buys them, who sells them, who is using them and why they are so difficult to legally regulate,' E! said of the episode. 'She also interviews users themselves about the damaging effects these drugs have had on them, and speaks at length to one currently addicted person about his daily usage and whether he has any plans to stop.'”

A day in the life of Walter White, Jr. 

AMC has canceled The Killing  . . . again.

MasterChef  wraps up tonight.  I continue to find this show entertaining.  I don't know anyone else who watches it as most would agree that Gordon Ramsay has outstayed his welcome by a few years, but there is something about this show that keeps my attention.  My $ is on Luca.

This could be interesting.  "Showtime could be taking it to the courts with their next drama. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that the cable network is developing a one-hour drama focused on a professional basketball team.

"Set to write, executive produce and, should it go to pilot, direct is Ron Shelton. The sports-centric filmmaker's most notable movies include Bull Durham, Tin Cup and White Men Can’t Jump. Serving as executive producers alongside him on the project are several members of the L.A. Lakers family, including assistant coach Kurt Rambis, retired coachPhil Jackson and team execsJeanie Buss and Linda Rambis -- the latter two doing so under their shingle Street Reason Entertainment.

"The untitled project is a behind-the-scenes look at a professional team, focusing on the family that owns the franchise. Brett Tomberlin of IDW and Ubiquity Studios will also executive produce, as will Brian Gilbert and Andrew Trapani of Nine/8 Entertainment."

Here are 21 facts that you probably didn't know about The Cosby Show .  I admittedly did not know a single one of them and found many to be somewhat interesting.

If you simply can't wait to see more of the "mother" on HIMYM , here's a sneak preview (and good luck with that).