Friday August 9, 2013

Unless you've been living under a rock, you have probably picked up on the fact that Breaking Bad makes is grand return on Sunday night.  The final 8 episodes of the series are perhaps the most anticipated in recent memory.  I know it has a lot to do with the way AMC split up the final season, but let's not take away from the fact that it is an incredible show.

Vulture revisits season 4 here. 

They also give you a quick recap of where we left off before the break. 

Jeff Garlin sat down with Vince Gilligan for the latest episode of his By The Way, In Conversation With podcast.

Buzzfeed sat down with AMC President Charlie Collier to discuss how Breaking Bad  transformed the network.

That should feed your appetite until Sunday night . . . .  

Here's a fascinating story about a man who beat the system on the old game show Press Your Luck.   

Lots of good stuff today, as Variety  examines why physical violence is not acceptable on MTV's Real World  and The Challenge .

Alec Baldwin is getting his own weekly show on MSNBC?

Buzzfeed  takes a look at this historically bad season of Big Brother .

  The Wrap  examines how shows like Scandal  became so popular on Twitter.

CBS is developing a medical drama based on The Wizard of Oz .  I'll repeat that.  CBS is developing a medical drama based on The Wizard of Oz.

Beating a dead horse, he's an interview with Jason Biggs where he discusses everything from  American Pie to Orange Is The New Black.

A couple of other shows premiere this Sunday.  I'll be DVR'ing them:

Bad Ink  (A&E)

Eat, Drink, Love  (Bravo)

Cutthroat Kitchen  (Food Network)