Tuesday September 3, 2013

Another Sunday and another home run for Breaking Bad.   There's just something about how Vince Gilligan is able to be a genius without getting in his own way that makes this show stand out above all others in my opinion.  I don't do detailed recaps, but if you're interested, here are a few good ones:

-Grantland 's Andy Greenwald

-Vulture's Matt Seitz 

-HitFix's Alan Sepinwall

Dean Norris deconstructed his character Hank Schraeder.  This is worth the read. 

Here are 35 people who guest starred or made cameos on Friends .

I finally finished season one of Orphan Black  this weekend.  I'm definitely in for season two, though the show is a bit more sci-fi than what I'm traditionally into.  I think that Tatiana Maslany's performance certainly merits consideration for an award(s).  She talks about her Emmy snub here. I look forward to seeing her on Parks & Recreation  and in season 2 of Orphan.

People still care about this, huh?  TMZ reports that "Disney is none too pleased that TMZ got the cast list of Dancing With the Stars, because we've learned the head of security has launched an investigation to find the leak.

"The Mouse House apparently was not amused when we told you Valerie Harper, Leah Remini, Snooki, Elizabeth Berkley, Amber Riley and others will be appearing in the upcoming season.  We're told security will start interviewing staffers tomorrow to find the alleged mole.

"So we're guessing this won't make Mickey's parents happy ... we found out Tristin McMannis will be Valerie's partner.  What's more ... we're told Valerie -- who has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer but is in remission -- is rehearsing like a champ and is getting no special breaks."  

Harry Connick, Jr. has been confirmed as a judge for the upcoming season of American Idol .  Just doing my job here folks.  I couldn't possibly care less.

I just saw a new ad for an upcoming show on Fox called The Test  described as follows: "Do you have conflicts in your family or relationships caused by suspicions and questions? It's time to put them to The Test -- the show that brings you the truth!"  Hosted by Kirk Fox (who?) this show looks beyond awful, obviously.

If you're a big fan of Chopped  or Iron Chef America  or both, check out Marc Maron's interview with Chef Alex Guarnaschelli.

Who knew that green Gummi Bears are actually strawberry flavored? 

From the AP: "After LeBron James won his second NBA championship this year, he talked about the improbability of his journey -- ascending to world fame despite growing up with challenge after challenge in the inner city.

"Now James plans to explore that theme as part of Survivor's Remorse, a new show he's developing with Starz. While he won't star in the half-hour sitcom, he'll be one of the executive producers of the show, which will explore the lives of two men from the streets who attain fame -- one is an NBA star and one is not -- and how they deal with friends and families in the wake of that success.

"'I think the main thing for me is, first of all, making it out of a place where you're not supposed to. You're supposed to be a statistic and end up like the rest of the people in the inner city -- (and) being one of the few to make it out and everyone looking at you to be the savior," the Miami Heat superstar said in a phone interview last week.

"'When you make it out, everyone expects for -- they automatically think that they made it out and it's very tough for a young, African-American 18-year-old kid to now hold the responsibility of a whole city, of a whole community. I can relate to that as well,' said James, who was 18 when he came to the NBA and is now a 28-year-old veteran.

"James is developing the show with his longtime friend and business partner, Maverick Carter; Tom Werner, the producer behind classic shows like "Roseanne" and "The Cosby Show"; and actor Mike O'Malley, who will be an executive producer and is the show's writer. Paul Wachter will also be an executive producer."