Tuesday August 27, 2013

Stop the presses, Dr. Luke has pulled OUT of American Idol .  Evidently his contract with Sony Music presents a conflict of interest.  We're waiting with bated breath to see whose name surfaces next!

Does Amanda get an automatic induction into the Most Annoying Big Brother  Contestant Hall of Fame?  She's intolerable.  Why would anyone be intimidated by her, listen to her or align with her?  She's a bully of the worst kind in that she can't back up any of her big talk.  She's not good at competitions and she's not a smooth game player.  She should still be evicted in short order because she will win if she makes it to the end.

Speaking of Big Brother , evidently they erased Helen from a scene.  The folks at Hamsterwatch noticed this and you can read more about it here.

Here's a video that gets you caught up on where the ricin has been and currently is.  Breaking Bad fans should take note if Jesse's revelation on Sunday still has you scratching your head.

More ricin talk.  Vulture  looks at what we know and what we don't know about the ricin.  I don't remember reading this but "[a]t Comic-Con earlier this summer, BB creator Vince Gilligan explained it thusly: 'I think probably what [Walt] did was crush some of the [Lilly of the Valley berries] up and put it in a juice box or something, and being a teacher, he probably knew his way around a school and he probably got into Brock's nursery school. That's our inter-story for how it would have happened. It would have been tricky.'"

Survivor  news from EW : "There are about a zillion and one new twists that will be taking place on Survivor: Blood vs. Water (and you can see them all outlined right here). The first one of those twists happens right out of the gate and is something called Day Zero, in which the night before the game officially begins, the 10 pairs of former Survivor contestants and their loved ones will be dropped in 10 different locations to spend the night by themselves.

"So why did they do it, adding an extra half day onto the usual 39 day adventure? In the on-location video interview below, host Jeff Probst reveals the genesis of the idea. 'Day Zero was Mark Burnett’s idea,' explains Probst. 'And how it came was we pitched Mark and said we would like to use Redemption Island. We’d like to introduce Redemption Island right out of the gate by voting two people out of the game and sending them to Redemption, and Mark said ‘It just feels really cruel.’ Yes, Mark Burnett said that.' Probst then goes on to explain how Burnett’s solution led to the creation of the brand new opening and how it will ultimately impact the game."

Here's a list of celebrity phobias in the event you're curious.   By way of example, Matthew McConaughey is afraid of revolving doors, Billy Bob Thornton is afraid of antique furniture, Nicole Kidman is afraid of butterflies, etc.

Complex  magazine lists the 25 worst people in the history of reality television.  Amongst them are Omarosa, Jonny Fairplay, Puck, Spencer Pratt, etc.

Adam Levine signed a first-look deal with NBC in May, and evidently the network liked what it saw. The Maroon 5 singer has a sitcom in development based on his real-life friendship with Gene Hong (Community), who will write the pilot and exec produce with Levine and Jordan Feldstein.