Monday August 26, 2013

I'm not gonna lie, I caught a decent amount of the MTV Music Video Awards last night and either I'm too old or this show should have ended about a decade ago.  The pre-show was chock full of interviews and performances with artists I've never heard of (e.g., Austin Mahone, Becky G, etc) and others I barely recognized (e.g., Danity Kane).  Then the show got into full swing and Miley Cyrus gave one of the trashiest performance I've ever seen (which you can watch here), so much so, that it made even Robin Thicke appear uncomfortable.  The lone bright spot was the performance and award given to Justin Timberlake.  After a pretty grueling, albeit, short performance, he was humble, thankful and beyond respectful.  Miley Cyrus, I hope you were watching.

Another week of Breaking Bad brought us another gem.  The Hank/Jesse showdown was uneventful but Jesse redeemed himself with his meeting with Walt and subsequent take down of Saul.  And Walt's video confession?  Brilliant.  I won't spoil the episode but if you're reading this and do not watch this show, stop what you're doing and straight up buy the entire series right now on iTunes (which you'll probably have to update first).  

Vulture  sat down with Breaking Bad writer Gennifer Hutchinson for a Q&A.  This is definitely worth a quick read.

The A.V. Club  offers up some analysis and observations here.

Anna Gunn (who plays Skyler White) wrote an op-ed piece for the New York Times  this weekend.

Last night's special new episode of Catfish  was something special, to say the least.  The subject of the episode, Artis, was engaged in an on-line romance with a woman despite being in a 3-year relationship with another woman (with whom he has three children).  Upon the reveal, we learn that Artis was being "catfished" by another man, but this was a man unlike any we've seen on the show.  He was ruthless, emotionless and was out to do nothing other than to prove a point and to show how much he hates cheaters.  A physical altercation almost broke out and this guy definitely took catfishing to a whole new level.  It's worth catching on repeats so you can get the full essence of what I'm talking about here. 

James Franco roast spoilers, if you're into that. 

According to Variety , "Turner Broadcasting System is launching its first lifestyle brand — Upwave— initially online before bringing it to TV, aimed at entertaining and informing health-conscious Americans on nutrition and fitness topics.

"The programmer sees opportunity to cater to a broad base of consumers looking to live healthier lifestyles, and rake in ad bucks from marketers eager to reach them. Molly Battin (pictured above), Turner senior VP and GM of Upwave, said the brand will lead with entertainment to attract auds while also delivering practical info on improving their quality of life."

I can confirm this as I was contacted about a show being produced that is a little bit Biggest Loser and a little bit Top Chef .  The show will supposedly air on either TNT or TBS primetime and will take one of the two hours that Upwave has carved out each week.  I'm not betting the house on its success at this point.

Buzzfeed  went to Cake Mix in West Hollywood with Under The Dome 's Rachelle Lefevre (Julia Shumway).  I'm still in on this show as the very end of the last episode kept my interest.

According to TMZ, the winner of the latest season of Hell's KitchenJa'Nel Witt, tested positive for cocaine and was not allowed to accept the head-chef position at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant in Vegas.  "Sources extremely familiar with the situation tell us ... Caesars Palace required Witt to submit to a drug test in order to take the job as head chef at the Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill, the position she earned after winning Season 11 of Hell's Kitchen earlier this year."  Evidently, she failed miserably.

I couldn't resist passing this along: Jersey Store  star Deena Cortese is launching a singing career!  Here's video proof.

Michael Ian Black has joined Fox midseason sitcom Us and Them, starring Alexis Bledel, as a regular. He appeared in the pilot as a guest star. Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi has been cast in a recurring role.   I'm in.