Friday August 23, 2013

Who doesn't love a good sneak peak of the digs that will house the next set of seven strangers picked to live in a house? 

Jackie Chiles is back!   Who told you to the balm on?

Buzzfeed  lists 17 reality shows it wishes were back on the air.  I'll tip my cap to them as this list definitely has some deep cuts.  I mean, who wouldn't want to see a second season of ego trip's The (White) Rapper Show ???

From Vulture : "NBC is developing a Reality Bites half-hour comedy, with Ben Stiller as an executive producer and original screenwriter Helen Childress onboard to write the pilot.  According to Variety, the show will pretty much mirror the story of the movie, following Lelaina and her cohorts living in Houston in the early nineties and dealing with both an economic recession and their post-collegiate ennui. Here's an exciting experience you can try at home: Watch the movie as an adult and realize that you now sympathize way more with Ben Stiller's character, and every time Ethan Hawke is onscreen it's like there's a neon light above his head flashing 'I'm bad news.'"

Dean Norris sat down with TVLine to talk about Breaking Bad  (sorry Under The Dome  fanatics).  Here's a snippet:

What kind of feeling is the series finale (airing Sept. 29) going to leave us with?

I like to use the word “satisfaction,” because I think you are going to say, “OK, it ended properly.” I don’t think you’re going to go, “Wait a minute, that was bulls–t’ or “That was cheating.” It comes to a proper ending.

Vince Gilligan sat down with GQ  (Great Britain) for an interview.  Here's what he had to say about the now famous use of color:

"I obsess a great deal more than I should over those details. I sweat the small stuff. I have a lot of help in that  in that my production designer - a man named Mark Freeborn, and before him we had a previous production designer named Robb Wilson King - has always spent a lot of time on Breaking Bad thinking about these details as well. We would talk a lot with our costume designer - first a woman named Kathleen Detoro and now a woman named Jennifer Bryan - about colour, specifically the use of colour. At the beginning of every series we would have a meeting in which I would discuss with the production designer and the costume designer about the specific palettes we would use for any given character throughout the course of the year.

We did this in microcosm in the pilot episode: for instance in the pilot, it was intentional that Walt start off very beige and khaki-ish, very milquetoast, and he would progress through that one hour of television to green and thus show his process of evolution as a character. We started to do that in macrocosm throughout particular series: we'd start Walt for example one year in red and take him to black. The one character we did not do that with was Marie, who stayed very consistent in her colour palette: she would always wear purple, to the extent of being quite monomaniacal about it. But there's quite a number of man hours spent discussing colour usage, and assigning colours to different characters and thinking in those terms."

I can't wait for Sunday night . . . .  

From Yahoo, "Aziz Ansari would like to help you navigate the seas of modern romance.  The Parks and Recreation star has signed a deal with the Penguin Press to write his first book, the publisher said Thursday.  The book will explore 'an entire new era for singles, in which the basic issues facing a single person- whom we meet, how we meet them, and what happens next - have been radically altered by new technologies,' according to Penguin. Ansari will enlist the the help of 'noted academics' to explore the issue via interviews and original research, according to the publisher."