Thursday August 22, 2013

Randy Jackson is returning to American Idol  to take over Jimmy Iovine's role?  Zzzzzzzzzzzz.  Justin Bieber is supposedly in talks to fill the last judge's chair.  Double zzzzzzzzzzzz.

I like the way Aziz Ansari's mind works.  He suggested, via Twitter, a Parks & Recreation /Scandal  crossover where Tom dates Olivia Pope.  While I don't see that happening, disappointingly, I think Ansari will be pleased with Tom's love interest next season.  Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany will play Tom's love interest.  According to 
THR, she'll be in the fifth and sixth episodes of the season, which are currently scheduled to air at the end of October. 

Wentworth Miller is gay, which reminds me, how did Prison Break  end?  Did they get away or are they still on the run?

A former prisoner offers thoughts on what Orange Is The New Black  is getting right and what it's getting wrong.

I think we've seen enough of the so-called "rescue" shows.  John Taffer has inked a deal to do another one for Spike TV.  Taffer will team with celebrity chef John Besh and "Top Chef All-Star" vet Tiffany Derry for a new series, Hungry Investors, which will premiere in spring 2014 on Spike TV.

On the series, the trio will "seek out and help 'diamond in the rough' failing restaurants meet their potential," according to Spike.

"Each week, the 'Hungry Investors' team puts two struggling restaurants to the test to prove they deserve a second chance at success," Spike said in a release. "The enterprise that shows the most promise of turning things around earns a significant cash investment. Both establishments seek to prove to the expert team that the only thing keeping them from financial fortune and success is finding an investor who believes in them."

I sincerely apologize for missing this yesterday, but Vulture  reports that "Oxygen is developing a competitive reality show about nail art, the network announced today. 
Nailed It! (yesssss) will ask contestants to work with 'everything from gels, wraps, polishes, glitter, lace, rhinestones, 3D objects and extreme materials,' like a veritable 
Project Runway of the hands. The one thing the show better not include is the sound — or God forbid, footage — of anyone's nails being clip-clip-clipped. As any horrified subway rider can attest, that sound is a hell mouth from which nightmares escape."

 Comedian Dave Attell has been tapped to host Comedy Central's first-ever uncensored, weekly late-night stand-up series, the network said Thursday.  The as-yet-untitled, eight-episode series, which Attell and 3 Arts Entertainment will executive produce, will feature Attell and his comedy colleagues performing "uncensored and unfiltered," according to the network.  Jager.

Deadline reports that "Syfy is expanding its growing slate of reality programming with new competition reality seriesCamera Ready from Mission Control Media (Face Off). Ten visionary costume designers will compete in challenges to create works of costume art for film, television and music videos, incorporating non-traditional materials and technology – such as fiber optics – into some pieces. The contestants will be judged by a panel that includes Oscar-winning costume designers, cutting-edge directors and avant-garde fashionistas – with one designer ultimately taking home the $100,000 grand prize."  Sounds horrible. 

If you're up for a quiz, take this one which asks who said it, Walter White or Malcolm's Dad?