Monday August 19, 2013

This is phenomenal link if you're a fan of Seinfeld .  The folks at took the time to mock up movie posters for a handful of the fictional movies from the best comedy in history.  "Oh MAN, we're missing the Death Blow!"

Two down, six to go.  The anticipation leading up to the final episode of Breaking Bad  continues to build.  Last night was once again compelling and set the table insofar as letting us know where almost everyone stands.  SPOILER ALERT: Skyler remained loyal to Walt and turned against her sister.  Walt seemed to show some sort of loyalty towards family by suggesting to Saul that he would never consider taking the life of a family member (Hank 100% included in that group).  While the anticipation is what Hank can extract from Jesse, so we can see where his loyalties lie (and I think we can all make a pretty good guess at this point), let's not forget the story that unfolded with Lydia and Todd.  Again, bravo Vince Gilligan and company.  You continue to solidify Breaking Bad  as the best drama in the history of television IMHO.  By the way, Talking Bad  with Chris Hardwick is definitely worth checking out.  

Variety  makes an argument that the ending of Breaking Bad  doesn't really matter.  To whom??

I'm so close to giving up on both Under The Dome  and The Bridge .  I'm more likely to stick with The Bridge  but at this point, neither are really holding my attention.

Evidently, Jennifer Lopez is officially returning to American Idol .  That is definitely not a move that is going to get me to return to watching.

John Oliver ended a great run as the interim host of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  on Thursday and as a regular viewer of the program, I must say that he did a spectacular job filling Stewart's shoes.  Here's a summary of Oliver's work during his run.

The Atlantic  weighs in on Laura Prepon's departure or partial departure from Orange Is The New Black.  "The general consensus seems to be that we're not yet bidding a complete farewell to Prepon's wise-cracking Alex Vause, but that a big goodbye could be coming down the road."  As noted last week, Prepon told Vulture that she is "of course" coming back, explaining that any uncertainty is "just scheduling. It's all scheduling, girl."

Criminal Minds  star Thomas Gibson was apparently "catfished."  According to TMZ, "a woman contacted Gibson on Twitter roughly two years ago, using a photo of a scantily clad woman, and told Gibson she was a huge fan. Gibson took the bait.

"The woman -- who refused to tell us her age or name -- is from North Dakota. She says she carried on a 2-year relationship with Gibson (who's married) exchanging multiple explicit photos and video with him, using images she stole from various pornographic websites (including"  Gibson recorded a video while in a hot tub and you can watch it here.

So ESPN is essentially copying the new FOX Sports 1 studio as they drop $25M on a new set forSportsCenter.

Vulture reports that "[o]n Tuesday, NBC snapped up a Cheers-like "female-centered workplace project" produced by Tina Fey and her 30 Rock co-showrunner Robert Carlock. Later in the week, the world learned that Fey, Carlock, and 30 Rock producer Matt Hubbard were shopping around a comedy about a women's college that has started to accept men, which set off a 'very competitive' bidding war between NBC and Fox," which Fox eventually won. 

Buzzfeed argues that Grease 2 is better than Grease .  Is it wrong that I agree?