Thursday August 15, 2013

GSN is launching a half-hour game show, Mind of a Man, in which female contestants get an assist from a celeb panel to try and figure out what men are thinking about when it comes to dating, marriage, etc. The net ordered 40 episodes of the series, set to premiere in late 2013.  Yikes.

The launch of FOX Sports 1 is only days away and I was at the set last night for the second time in as many weeks.  Their nightly highlight/news show is a pretty cool take on the tired and useless SportsCenter .  Not only do they offer all of the highlights and then some, but they cut to their panel of retired athletes regularly and will be brining in other athletes as guests almost as regularly.  Last night, as they played it out as if airing live, they brought in Hall of Fame RB Eric Dickerson who was insightful and entertaining.  Sign this guy up!

Shonda Rhimes dishes on the upcoming season of Scandal .  If you're not watching this show, get caught up ASAP.

Lindsay Lohan continues to find work?  She'll be appearing on several episodes of the upcoming fourth and final season of HBO's Eastbound and Down .

I'm on record saying that Breaking Bad  is the best drama in the history of television.  The Hollywood Reporter  examines this idea and where the show falls amongst the top 5 dramas ever.  

21 Breaking Bad  easter eggs.  Check em out.

Rolling Stone  lays out the most memorable 10 murders on Breaking Bad .

I have a project in development and the talent is getting cold feet because his esteemed agent has deemed the show unsellable.  I guess it's the job of those at the three-letter agencies to kill deals before they ever get off the ground?  I find the idea of this comical and hope that these deal-killing agents remember that not only are they insignificant and replaceable, but the talent they represent is even less significant and more easily replaceable. 

As a follow up to a note from yesterday, very sad news to report as former Bachelor  contestant Gia Allemand has passed away, apparently of suicide.  Allemand had long suffered from depression, and was despondent over the status of her relationship with boyfriend Ryan Anderson. Indeed, a source tells Us Weekly the former reality star, convinced that the relationship's end was near, had been planning to move from the New Orleans home she shared with Anderson, and relocate to NYC to look for a job.

The family offered up this statement: "Due to a critical loss of brain and organ function, life support was withdrawn today. Ms. Allemand passed away peacefully with her mother, boyfriend, and other lifelong friends by her side. As a practicing Christian, Gia did receive the sacrament of last rites.  Loved ones and fans will remember Gia Allemand as a caring woman who loved her family and was well-known for her compassion towards animals and mission to rescue homeless pets."

 Access Hollywood  reports that Laura Prepon will NOT return as a series regular on Orange Is The New Black.  Well that sucks.

Interesting article about athletes turned broadcaster. 

Vulture  examines eight types of catfish on Catfish .