Friday August 16, 2013

Season 2 of The Pitch  premiered last night on AMC. I am a huge fan of this show.  I very much enjoyed season 1 and last night's premiere did not disappoint.  According to AMC, "[i]n Season 2, The Pitch continues to explore the incredible lengths, intense stakes and tight deadlines advertising agencies encounter when they take aim at a new piece of business. Each episode not only follows two creative shops as they work day and night to build a campaign worthy of winning over the brand, but also takes a closer look into the decision making process the brands go through in order to choose which agency has successfully captured their identity."

The Real World  is returning to San Francisco, where it all began.  Season 29 (yikes) of the franchise will air next year and I look at it as a feeder for future seasons of The Challenge, if nothing else.

This week's one-hour Season Four premiere of A&E‘s Duck Dynasty drew 11.8 million viewers to rank as the number one non-fiction series telecast in cable history.  Who's moving to Mexico with me?  

A week or two ago, I wrote about former American Idol  contestant Justin Guarini.  I had no idea that he would somehow be thrust back into the news.  I just happened to pick him at random for a where are they now snippet.  It turns out he posted something on his personal blog that was picked up by  He blogged that "I have spent days skipping meals in order to make sure I have enough. To make sure my children, and my wife have enough."  After picked up the story, Guarini Tweeted that he's nowhere near poverty and that they twisted the truth.  I know, who cares anyway?

On the heels of the Guarini post, how about another where are they now?  Remember the show Average Joe?  Adam Mesh was part of the original season and then was given a spinoff cleverly titled Average Joe: Adam Returns.  Well, Mesh is currently running a company also cleverly called The Adam Mesh Trading Group.  According to the company's website, "Adam and his company distribute a daily newsletter, products and a stock-trade coaching program. After his reality TV success, Adam was inundated with inquiries about how to achieve stock market fortune like he did. Inspired by the many who wanted to learn, Adam created his first product, a book entitled The Average Joe's Ultimate Beginner's Guide to the Stock Market. The book details the crux of The Adam Mesh Trading Group's mission: to teach technical analysis and the intangibles of trading: discipline, control and accountability.

"Under the AMTG coaching program, Adam and his team of traders teach novice traders how any ‘average joe’ can make millions in the stock market." 

If that doesn't sound like the biggest load of nonsense you've read in a while, email me what you've been reading. 

Take this quiz to see what reality show you should be on.   I was told I should be on The Real World .  That sounds about right.

TV Guide  examines just how long The Big Bang Theory  can last.

Not TV related, but some interesting names towards the end of this list: 

The Top 20 Concert Tours ranks artists by average box office gross per city and includes the average ticket price for shows in North America. The list is based on data provided to the trade publication Pollstar by concert promoters and venue managers.

1. The Rolling Stones; $7,772,849; $345.49.

2. Paul McCartney; $3,620,049; $131.27.

3. Taylor Swift; $3,021,717; $86.51.

4. Kenny Chesney; $2,246,701; $75.53.

5. Fleetwood Mac; $1,427,403; $110.90.

6. Phish; $1,391,413; $48.76.

7. Justin Bieber; $1,267,409; $80.71.

8. Dave Matthews Band; $1,134,333; $55.10.

9. Bruno Mars; $1,029,608; $71.36.

10. New Kids On The Block; $830,439; $65.06.

11. Blake Shelton; $672,657; $32.24.

12. Tim McGraw; $586,428; $38.25.

13. Brad Paisley; $569,683; $36.13.

14. Rascal Flatts; $567,025; $40.02.

15. Carrie Underwood; $527,808; $70.00.

16. Barry Manilow; $377,596; $67.98.

17. Widespread Panic; $376,122; $47.11.

18. Bad Company / Lynyrd Skynyrd; $311,304; $31.44.

19. The Postal Service; $249,253; $41.27.

20. Styx / REO Speedwagon / Ted Nugent; $225,939; $35.27.