Wednesday August 14, 2013

US Weekly  reports that "Bachelor alum Gia Allemand has been hospitalized in New Orleans, her publicist announced in a statement on Tuesday, Aug. 13. Information is scarce, but the reality star is said to be in critical condition.

"'Gia Allemand was taken to University Hospital, New Orleans last night following a serious emergency medical event, the details of which are currently not known,' the statement reads. 'She is listed in critical condition.'

"'Ms. Allemand's mother is with her, along with her long-term boyfriend, NBA basketball player Ryan Anderson of the New Orleans Pelicans,' the release continues. 'On behalf of the family, we kindly ask for privacy at this time.'"

A lot going on here.  1) Gia Allemand has a publicist?  2) I had no idea she was dating the sharp-shooting Anderson at all, let alone "long-term."  Wishing her a speedy recovery. 

Why not read an interview with Orange Is The New Black  creator Jenji Kohan? 

Aaron Paul participated in a Reddit AMA yesterday.  Here are some of the highlights

Deadline  reports that the Duck Dynasty  folks "have been able to secure the big salary increases they had been seeking. I’ve learned that under the new agreement, the clan will earn more than $200,000 an episode, divvied up among the nine adults and 11 kids on the show. That is roughly 4-5 times what the Robertsons previously made. Additionally, I hear the new pact includes additional seasons for the show as well as series/cast options."

 Time  magazine hypothesizes that Netflix might be responsible for the fact that more than twice as many people (5.9 million) tuned in to the premiere of Breaking Bad  on Sunday as the number of people who tuned in for the premiere of season 5A. This whole binge-watching thing has taken on a life of its own. 

TV Guide  sat down with Under The Dome  Executive Producer Neal Baer to answer some "burning questions" (not one of which was why are the ratings plummeting).

I watched the premiere of Amish Mafia  last night.  I did not watch any of the first season but it doesn't exactly take a rocket scientist to catch up.  That said, it was intriguing enough that I'll watch again next week, but I'm not yet ready to click on "Record Series."

E!  reports that Will Arnett is dating celebrity chef Katie Lee.

An interesting story on how and why there are 41 producers and executive producers on the new film The Butler .  The Hollywood Reporter  says that "[a] complex arrangement has led to 41 producers and executive producers credited on the historical drama, which opens Aug. 16 (as a way of comparison, indie Oscar winner The King's Speech had 16). Finding the $30 million budget meant uniting a disparate group, including one of America's top African-American female entrepreneurs, a former NBA star, a Ukrainian billionaire and an aspiring young film producer from one of New Orleans' wealthiest families."  Read the whole story here.