Tuesday July 9, 2013

I feel like I've seen this before, but TV By the Numbers reports that "DirectTV is launching a channel for dogs. No, not a channel about dogs. Canines are the target audience. According to Variety, Dog TV 's programming will feature, 'programming comprises 3- to 6-minute video clips in three categories: relaxation, stimulation and 'exposure,' which center on segments designed to habituate dogs to domestic stimuli.'"

"PTV media, the company behind Dog TV claims, '[t]he dog-approved programming content was created to entertain, relax and stimulate stay-at-home dogs, so owners don’t come home to ripped-up couches, shredded magazines or a favorite pair of heels chewed to bits.'

"DogTV launches August 1. It will be free for two weeks, then cost $4.99 a month"

I know Mylo will be interested.  Frankie, not so much. 

I entered a fantasy league for The Challenge: RIvals II .  Started strong with Johnny Bananas and Wes, but the draft has come to a screeching halt.  Here's to hoping it picks up this morning as we're a day from the premiere.

Another complete BOMB from Bravo.  I watched Below Deck last night.  Yowsers.  That makes three straight atrocities from Bravo including Newlyweds  and Long Island .  The development team needs to be cut loose, stat.  This is another show that is a complete embarrassment and should result in people losing their jobs.

 "Stepping, skipping, running and finish line" are Des' favorite ADJECTIVES according to her.  The IQ levels on The Bachelorette  are dropping on a weekly basis.  I can't wait for the home town dates!! 

 Suits returns a week from tonight!  TV Guide  has a preview and notes "'[t]hey all have to deal with the fallout of their actions in our first episode back and beyond," (EP Aaron) Korsh says. That means, in nonspoiler terms, that Harvey needs to get out of his contract or usurp longtime ally Jessica, Mike has to regain Harvey's trust, and Rachel must make peace with her beau's betrayal. Everyone must also watch their backs, considering the invasion of their conniving U.K. colleagues, including new managing partner Edward Darby (Game of Thrones' Conleth Hill), as well as a bribery case involving an oil company honcho (Hill's Thrones costar Michelle Fairley) that gets messier than a wedding in Westeros.

"Will all these interlopers push Harvey and Co. to the back of the boardroom?  'We have a lot of interplay with the British characters,' Korsh says. 'But our core players are very much front and center. There will be at least one huge revelation about one of them in the first half of the season.'"