Friday July 26, 2013

Larry David had this to say about the possible return of Curb Your Enthusiasm : "I really don't know. I couldn't say. Ask me in six months."  Jeff Garlin has said that he's convinced we've seen the last of Curb .

Tootie is pregnant, FYI. 


"The new relationship between law firm associate Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) and paralegal Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) may get rocky on Suits, but it is here to stay – at least for the length of the USA drama’s summer run. But it wasn’t always that way. 'They were planning on breaking us up at episode 10,' Markle reveals. 'I know that it has now been completely restructured and re-conceived because they are enjoying Mike and Rachel as a couple too much. They don’t want to do it.'

"The decision is one she definitely supports. 'It’s really kind of cool and sweet to just not have to keep slapping him,' she jokes. But on a serious note, she adds, 'Because the show is doing so well, and we’re so lucky — you can see that we probably have a few more seasons in us — the idea of ‘will-they-won’t-they, will-they-won’t-they, okay, they will, but only for 10 episodes and then it’s going to go away’ felt like then where do you go from that? If it took us two seasons to try to figure out if we could make it work, then maybe they take that time and really give us an opportunity to have something. Just like with any character, with any relationship that you have onscreen, when you can settle into it a bit more, you get to find what’s interesting about it, find layers and nuances. So I’m really happy that they’re really happy with it.'” 

If you care how Ali Fedotowsky met her current boyfriend, click here.

Lotta "relationship news" today.  Kristen Wiig and Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti have broken up. 

Here's a link to Aubrey Plaza's interview with GQ.  She's an interesting character.   Here's a quick snippet:

"When we arrive at her place, she invites me in to show me the knife that she'd kill me with. It's sitting on the built-in bookshelf next to her bed. 'This is it," she says. 'I practice picking it up quickly.'  She perches on the bed and picks it up, twice, quickly."

Andy Denhart continues to annihilate this season of Big Brother.   Here's what he had to say about the end of last night's episode.