Thursday July 18, 2013

Here's a guide to the cast of Orange Is The New Black .  

In addition to new shows with Wendy Williams and John Rich, TV Guide Network announced these two gems: 

Mother Of All Talent: This eight-episode docu-series follows the dynamic mother-daughter duo Nikki and Lorri, who have built one of the nation's leading talent agencies for kids straight from their quirky hometown in Staten Island, N.Y. This comedic yet aspirational series will capture what it takes to find and manage children in showbiz, while also contending with overly ambitious stage parents.Mother Nikki can be blunt and overbearing, while daughter Lorri always makes things right for the clients. Managing kids is a strange and demanding business. The jobs are real, the competition is stiff and the stakes are high. 

Tequila Sisters: Old-world family values and new-generation ideals collide in this eight-episode docu-soap series that follows the real lives of the Marins, an affluent, multi-generational Hispanic family living in Southern California. The show follows Mexican-born family patriarch and tequila entrepreneur Bill and his wife Lori, as they raise four beautiful daughters—Jen, Lauren, Jackie and Catherine—while fighting to pass along traditional values of family and marriage when faced with the seductions of Hollywood lifestyle. The girls, all in their 20s, try to find their independence while facing questions of assimilation, boyfriends and dating, sibling rivalries and changing economic times for the family. The show spotlights the dynamics and drama of being a Marin, which can be explosive and combative at times, but always rooted in love.

FX has ordered another comedy pilot – this one called You’re The Worstcreated and written by Stephen Falk. It’s about two toxic self-destructive people who fall in love and attempt a relationship. Falk, a co-exec producer and writer on Weeds and Orange Is The New Black.  I'm in.

Vulture's Matt Seitz praises Suits  and asks why shows like Suits  get ignored by critics.  Damn good question.  He contends that it "might be the most purely entertaining series on television."  He concludes that "dedication to giving pleasure might be a bigger factor in its critical neglect than the fact that it airs on USA. Critics and viewers alike tend to assume works that are mainly interested in laughs, excitement, and beauty are inherently less substantive than shows that rip the scabs off life and leave you feeling wrung out or disturbed."

The Challenge  just delivers.  Week after week after week.  How has MTV not yet offered CT his own spinoff?  It seems unfathomable to me that they haven't tried to make him a star.

I have a non-TV question, are "Baby on Board" signs making a comeback?  I've seen a half dozen of them around Los Angeles in the past couple of weeks. 

I haven't had much to say about Big Brother  this season.  It's still a go to show for me but this cast is so chock full of racist morons, it's tough to find nice things to say.

The AP reports that "[a] New York City resident has sued the Food Network, saying its reality show Giving You the Business wronged him by failing to award him a promised frozen yogurt franchise.

Kris Herrera says in a lawsuit filed Tuesday in state court in Queens he was told in April along with three other contestants one of them would win a 16 Handles frozen yogurt franchise. Herrera already worked for a store as a manager. The lawsuit says he won but instead was given a share of stock in the stores' parent company, Yogurt City Inc.

He says since the show aired in May dozens of people have congratulated him each week."  That's not gonna be good for business.

Here's a story about how Gordon Ramsay's success is bucking the trend in reality television. 

I'm off tomorrow.  Have a great weekend . . . .