Thursday July 11, 2013

Hollywood Game Night  premieres tonight.  Do me a favor and do NOT watch this show.  We don't need to encourage crap like this to get renewed.

Check out this montage of racial slurs and bigotry from this season's cast of Big Brother .  I think at this point, I hope Helen wins it all.

Rock solid premiere last night for The Challenge: Rivals  II ).  Most of the cast were up to their old antics.  A few observations:

-CT started a fight within the first 10 minutes of getting to the house.

-Marlon and LeRoy are the same person and I honestly cannot tell them apart.  I'm on team Marlon.

-Preston has no business being on this show.

-Tyrie and Dunbar should retire forever.  Aneesa as well.

I'm going to check out Summer Camp  on USA tonight.  I am not sure how badly it will suck, but I'll be there to find out.  Host Matt Rogers (American Idol  alum) is a suspect choice (I was contacted by the network about potential hosts), but here's what he has to say about the show.

I have not yet watched Orange Is The New Black  on Netflix, but star Jason Biggs sat down with Vulture for a one-on-one interview.

Speaking of Jason Biggs, here's a very real and honest essay he wrote about "The Mindfuck of Being Famous."   Here's a snippet: 

"Maybe I might be noticed by a high school sports team in LAX who are traveling to some tournament, say, and the result is chaotic and overwhelming. They all want pictures, and if I indulge, not only is it a huge time commitment, but the resulting scene essentially puts me on display to the rest of the terminal’s now-rubbernecking passengers. Awkward, to say the least. It’s flattering to think that people have responded to me and my work, and (mostly) like it, but the vulnerability I feel in these moments, being on view and used almost as a prop of sorts, can be very uncomfortable. If I am traveling alone the discomfort is exponential."

If you're curious as to what Jared Leto is up to, he sat down with Bullett for a candid interview. 

Honey Boo Boo smell-o-vision?  O U T.