Wednesday July 10, 2013

I have no idea why I continue to write about this but Elisabeth Hasselbeck has officially left The View  and has joined Fox & Friends .  I don't watch either program which is why I'm not sure why I would waste my time with it, but it seems to be front page news.

 Under The Dome  might have peaked WAY too early.  This week's episode was dull and barely caught my attention.  Yahoo suggests that people might have already started hate-watching this show, a concept I will never understand.

I don't know why I wasted time with the previous two paragraphs.  Tonight marks the long-awaited premiere of The Challenge: Rivals II .  For some reason this season is seemingly carrying a bit more intrigue than past Challenges.  The promos have been great, Marlon (RW Portland) leaked a hint that he and Jordan stick around longer than most rookies, CT is back and is partnered with Wes, Diem and her inspiring story are back (despite her telling me she would NEVER do another Challenge ), etc.  90-minute premiere.  Should be two hours.  Seriously, they run 2-hour episodes of The Celebrity Apprentice  and it's a gift that tonight's show is extended to 90 minutes?  Something is wrong with that.

Jerry Seinfeld's children watch Seinfeld .

Comedy Central will roast James Franco if you're into that sort of thing

"Ryan Seacrest is in late talks to host and executive produce NBC's upcoming game show, "Million Second Quiz," an individual with knowledge of the negotiations told TheWrap.  Talks with the multi-hyphenate have lasted over the last few weeks and have been complicated by Seacrest's schedule."

I still watch Catfish  and last night's episode was a first of its kind.  Check it out on repeats if you're so inclined.  Here's a recap in case you're not so inclined.

Buzzfeed  ranks the top 20 TV bromances of all time.

Speaking of bromances, check out this video of Zach Braff helping a man propose to his girlfriend. 

Here is a trailer for Seth Meyers' new animated series The Awesomes .