Thursday June 6, 2013

Hurricane Nia finally rolled through Portland last night on The Real World .  I'll set the scene, Nia stepped in the poop of the dog owned by housemate Averey and got into an argument with Averey's boyfriend Johnny about who should clean it up.  I agreed with Nia's position that because it is not her dog, she's ultimately not responsible for cleaning it up.  Johnny overreacted and spouted off at Nia (and Bird).  Nia's response was to passive aggressively come after Averey and Johnny, and she pushed their buttons until a physical altercation ensued.  It started with Nia punching Johnny 10 or so times, then she had her weave ripped out by Averey and kept coming after Averey until the final scene, the one we have been waiting for all season, where Nia punches Averey in the back of the head.  This was arguably the best of the best in terms of on-screen fighting in the history of the show.  Yes, Kenny Anderson's ex-wife being dragged across the apartment in New York was fun, but this brawl in Portland takes the cake.  Next week's finale, and more importantly, the reunion show should be fun.

Nia has to be one of the more despicable people in Real World  history, let alone in society.  I "might" have checked out her Ustream video last night.  In case you forgot, she is allegedly writing a book which she describes as follows:

“It’s called “How to Play the Game”, and it’s the ultimate play book on to find, date, and cheat professional athletes. . . . I used personal experience for my book, as well as my being a investigative journalist. I interviewed professional athletes’ girlfriends and wives. I wanted to know what being in a relationship entailed  and what sacrifices women make to be in a relationship with a pro athlete. I also wanted to find out what these athletes look for, what their expectations and needs are. I also explored why a woman would be attracted to a professional athlete. Money is a by-product for some, but each woman’s reasons are different. I’m not a gold digger so I can’t relate to that type of thinking. I’m not writing this book to enable gold diggers, or home-wreckers  but at the end of the day I know there are women (like me) who are simply attracted to athletes. There’s a justifiable reason as to why a woman would be attracted to a professional athlete. They’re just a type. I also talk about how to keep an athlete once you’ve found one. My book will try to help women stay in a successful marriage. It’s a full time job! The book is based off 3% of my personal experience, and 97% my interviews.”

I would be lying if I said I didn't hate her guts.

Speaking of The Real World , I kept forgetting to post this but the cast of The Challenge: Rivals II  has been announced!  Without further ado:

The guys:

CT & Wes: "The Challenge: Rivals"
Jordan & Marlon: "Real World: Portland"
Ty & Leroy: "The Challenge: Rivals"
Knight & Preston: "Real World: New Orleans"
Zach & Trey: "The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons"
Dunbar & Tyrie: "The Challenge: The Island"
Frank & Johnny: These two haven't met -- yet -- but their Twitter beef is pretty hefty.
Derek & Robb: "The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons"

The ladies:

Paula & Emily: "The Challenge: Battle of the Exes"
Sarah & Trishelle: "The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons"
Nany & Jonna: "The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons"
Cooke & Naomi: "Real World: Las Vegas"
Camila & Jemmye: "The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons"
Anastasia & Jessica: "Real World: Portland"
Diem & Aneesa: "The Challenge: The Duel"
Jasmine & Theresa: "The Challenge: Rivals"

CT and Wes have to be a 3/5 favorite, presuming they don't cannibalize themselves.  I'd say Frank and Johnny come in at 2/1, while Jordan and Marlon are the long shot at 25/1.  Derek and Robb are 20/1 at best.  I'd handicap Dunbar and Tyrie at 12/1.  Knight and Preston are a 15/1 favorite, while Ty and Leroy come in at 10/1.  Finally, Zach and Trey are a 6/1 favorite to win it all.  On the girls side, Paula and Em are the odds on favorite in my book at 3/1.  Bird and Jessica should be gone after the first female elimination.  Call them a 50/1 shot.  Good to see Diem Brown back, although she told me personally that she was never participating in another season of The Challenge .  She's an inspiration and I hope she advances very far.

Here's a :30 promo clip for the next season of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia .

Vince Gilligan talks about the "very definitive" ending he has planned for Breaking Bad.  Specifically, he said "[y]ou know where things stand at the end of these eight episodes that are upcoming. In figuring them out, we said to ourselves, we are the first viewers of this show. We're the first fans of this show, these six writers and myself. We sat around for, God, countless hours, thinking to ourselves, 'How should we end this thing? What is the ending that would satisfy us the most?'  When you think of that, you try to think of it in terms of being a chess player. You try to think of all the possible moves you could make and the possible outcomes and permutations of those moves, and we went down a lot of blind alleys in that process. But the question we kept asking ourselves was twofold. One was, where is Walter White taking us? Where is he heading as a character? You try to tell a story organically in that sense and let the characters dictate to you, the writer, where they're heading. You don't want to push them in directions they wouldn't normally go. You don't want to be artificial in your storytelling."

 The Hero  premieres tonight on TNT.  I'm going to check out the first episode to see if it hooks me.  Here's a preview in case you're curious.

Here's a picture of Daft Punk, helmetless

I actually worked on this show for a hot minute:

Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson will executive produce Dream School under his G-Unit Films and Television banner and also appear in the original non-fiction series aimed at helping troubled teens, Sundance Channel President Sarah Barnett announced today.  It’s slated to premiere in fall 2013. The series format was created by Jamie Oliver who will also executive produce, along with Roy Ackerman, under his Fresh One shingle.  Oliver joins the Dream School project through his role in the successful UK series. The six-part hour-long series creates a place for troubled teens to turn their lives around in a place of learning where the educators are achievers and leaders. In Dream School classes are taught by professionals including musicians, politicians, filmmakers, scientists, actors and artists.