Monday July 1, 2013

Today's blog is dedicated to Ozzie, the sweetest most loving pet a person could ever dream of having.  He left us far too soon but will be in my heart forever.  We miss you dearly Ozzie.   

Here's a fun interview with Joel McHale

I finally caught the premiere of Under The Dome  and I'm all in on this one.  It rated through the roof on Monday and I don't expect a significant drop off.  The special effects were great, the story line moved and I'm anxious to see what happens next week.  We are only 1 episode in, so get on board.

Promos and previews are airing for the upcoming season of The Challenge .  Looks like the old CT we all know and love is back.  Can I revise my odds for Jordan/Marlon?  The grapevine is reporting that they might last a little longer than most rookies in years past.  I'm definitely not predicting a miracle here, but their odds have been bumped up to a very aggressive 9/2.

Happy Endings , the cult-favorite comedy, which was canceled by ABC in May, failed to find a new home before the actors' deals ran out, Deadline reports.

The six actors' options with Sony, the studio which produces Happy Endings, expired this past weekend. Sony had been pounding the pavement even before Happy Endings' official cancellation to secure a new home for the series. Possible options included cable stations such as USA and TBS, as well as streaming services like Netflix.

The Twitter account run by the show's writers' room, @HappyWrites, all but confirmed the show's official demise on Friday, writing, "Gonna close down this Twitter in the next week or whenever; soon."

Deadline also reports that NBC is finalizing a deal to do a "10/90" show with Roseanne Barr that would be co-written with Nurse Jackie co-creator Linda Wallem.  A 10/90 deal is when if the first ten episodes reach a ratings threshold, the show gets instantly picked up for 90 more. Lord help us.