Tuesday June 25, 2013

As you know, I'm a fan of HGTV Design Star .  This season doesn't seem to be offering up too many contestants with TV hosting "star" quality.  Judge Vern Yip sat down with TV Guide  to dish on this season's cast.

Adios Mikey T.  It was nice knowing you.  Don't feel too badly for him.  He'll return to life as a CrossFit Alpha Dog coach!  

Mikey T "played football at North Central College in Naperville. I was a 4-year starter, and also team captain. I had interests in pursuing law school, but opted to enter our family business, Caldwell Plumbing.

"After my college football career, I stuck with fitness and worked out daily at a typical gym, until I discovered CrossFit in January of 2012. CrossFit brought out the competitor in me once again, and I immediately made it my passion. Health, fitness, and CrossFit are now very strong passions in my life. I get more satisfaction from training our members, and seeing their progress, then my own. I absolutely love the tight knit, community feeling of CrossFit. I also love the competition style workouts and the physical diversity it offers on a daily basis. To me there’s nothing better than competitive fitness, it’s the best of both worlds."

13 million people tuned in to watch Nik Wallenda slowly walk a wire across the Colorado River Gorge while conducting a running dialogue with God and Jesus?

Mayim Bialik breastfed her second child until the age of 4?!?!

The Hollywood Reporter sat down with quite a crew for a chat about reality television.  Amongst those at the roundtable were Dancing With the StarsTom BergeronAmerican Idol's Randy JacksonThe Amazing Race's Phil Keoghan
Project Runway's Heidi KlumTop Chef's Padma Lakshmi, and Gordon Ramsay of 
Hell's KitchenKitchen Nightmares and MasterChef.   Click here to read and/or watch.

I caught an episode of a show called Pizza Cuz on Cooking Channel last night.  Nothing especially enticing about this other than looking at some mouthwatering and unique pizzas.  However, what struck me was how horrendous the two hosts of this show are.  The hosts are Sal Basile and Francis Garcia, owners of New York's Artichoke Pizza.  These guys make the cast of The Sopranos  look like they're from the midwest.  These guys are painful to watch and even more painful to listen to and I'm again amazed at how and why another show made its way to the air.

Melissa McCarthy used to be a size 6.  See for yourself here

Who doesn't like some good autocorrections? 

I caught the premiere of Whodunnit?  last night.  I'm definitely not sold on this one.  It's somewhat poorly produced, feels like a poor man's version of The Mole, and while the concept is interesting on its face, it's not well-executed.  I may give this one another shot, but if you missed Sunday's premiere, don't kick yourself

I have not yet watched Under The Dome, but here's an interview with showrunner Neal Baer.

Fortunately, after last night's season finale, I will likely never have to see these people again.   Or these people.  Or this magical couple.  Or even these posers.