Friday June 21, 2013

Let's start off with some good news.  Per Deadline , Ray Romano will appear in 12 to 15 episodes of season 5 of Parenthood.  This is a similar arc as last year, the difference being that Parenthood this coming season earned a full 22-episode order.  Hallelujah.

TV Line  claims to offer some inside scoop on some of your favorite shows.  Not sure if this qualifies, but here's what I found:

When Suits returns, is there going to be a huge fallout with Harvey and Jessica? –David
Oh my lord, the way those two go at each other in the season premiere is ferocious and relentless. Suffice to say, the chip on Harvey’s broad shoulders is bigger than ever, and he sees right through most every ploy/bit of underhandedness by Jessica to “smooth things over” — and ends the July 16 premiere by revealing his most audacious move yet. But dare I say, the rift between Harvey and padawan Mike is just as formidable — and might only be mended if the latter succeeds in his plan to literally construct a “time machine.”

I am counting down the days until Suits comes back, I’m so excited about it. Any scoop on what’s in store for Donna this season? Remember, it is Donna, and “she knows everything”! –Jared

Indeed, Donna does — especially when she lays her peepers on Mike after his first (and apparentlyprolonged) ravaging of Rachel. Alas, that all-knowing quality of hers could stand in the way of Mike getting back in Harvey’s good graces.

Lots of Big Brother  news this week.  Here's a sneak peak at the new house guests.   No one older than 37 and very few with what look like "real jobs."

What Comedy Central wouldn't let Amy Schumer include on her show Inside Amy Schumer .

More from Comedy Central, as the network has given the go-ahead to a new series, called The Meltdown With Jonah and Kumail.  Ben Stiller is one of the show's EPs.  The series, hosted by comedians Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanijani (Franklin & Bash), is filmed at the back of Meltdown Comics on Sunset Boulevard, where comedians such as Robin Williams, Louis C.K. and Ed Helms have performed at a weekly comedy show dubbed, yes, The Meltdown.  Comedy Central said the series will track "today's hottest comedians on and off-stage," capturing their performances and going backstage with them.

What if Mad Men 's Peggy Olson played M-A-S-H?  Don't feel bad, I didn't know what that was either.

North West?  Kim + Kanye = A-holes.  

 Drinking Buddies , a new film featuring Jake M. Johnson, Ron Livingston, Olivia Wilde and Anna Kendrick?  I'm in.  Here's a sneak peak.

EW  previews the cast of the new ABC Family reality show The Vineyard .  Not sure I have it in me to give this one a shot, but odds are I will watch at least the premiere, based on this: "At first glance of this cast, one question comes to mind: Are we possibly staring at the nextHills-like phenomenon? The new reality series — which appears to possibly be a cross between Laguna Beach and The Real World — follows a mix of locals and so-called “wash-ashores” (translation: pretty people who are only in town only for a few months), as they summer in the ever-posh Massachusetts outpost Martha’s Vineyard."