Thursday June 20, 2013

Rest in peace James Gandolfini.  You left us too soon. 

Spend five minutes watching this spoof from Jack Black and Kyle Gass.  It's called Adult Wolf  and it's a sequel to the movie Teen Wolf .  Cameos include Rachel Bilson, John Wall, Ed Begley, Jr. and John McGinley.

More Big Brother news from CBS:

Big Brother is bringing two new twists when it returns next week for its 15th season.

For the first time, CBS has announced, three houseguests will be up for eviction each week instead of the usual two. This process will be further explained during the season premiere.

The second twist allows viewers to cast votes for the houseguest they believe is playing the best game. The one that receives the most votes will be named that week's "Big Brother MVP."

Fans can start casting their votes before the season even starts -- beginning with a pre-premiere vote this Thursday following the network's announcement of the houseguests. (To vote, go to the "Big Brother" website.)

"The Big Brother MVP will force the houseguests to rethink their strategies. With America rewarding good game play, it doesn't pay to be a floater this summer," executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan said.

When the show returns, contestants will be living (and being watched) in a new house, outfitted with a stone fireplace, redesigned kitchen and a Head of Household suite decked out entirely in black and white.

"We're calling it mid-century chic," host Julie Chen said. "Picture the '60s, 'Mad Men,' Pan Am, that whole era -- what was happening in the '60s and how the people in the '60s envisioned the future."

The Hustle  premiered last night on Fuse.  As mentioned yesterday, one of the show's leads is played by Hall of Fame RB Eric Dickerson's daughter Erica, who was fantastic in the show's first episode!  I think Redeye summed it up best here:

"Comparisons can be made to HBO's Entourage—like that show's Turtle character, the duo's buddy, Rashad (Clinton Lowe), keeps things light—but The Hustle actually has a grittiness more similar to HBO's other rags-to-riches tale, How to Make It in America. The shaky, hand-held camera shots and seemingly improved dialogue delivered by a charismatic cast adds to the lo-fi realism.

And like ABC's Nashville, the show uses original music created for its cast members, who also perform. The six-episode first season includes cameos from rappers such as Jadakiss, Freddie Gibbs, Red Cafe, Travis Porter and Nipsey Hussle, as well as radio personalities the Breakfast Club, DJ Whoo Kid and DJ Skee.

In Wednesday's premiere, Ya-Ya is working several angles to help the duo finally break out from the underground scene. But landing that elusive deal means complications for Ya-Ya as well as Kutta and D, who get an offer that tests their loyalties to each other and Ya-Ya. 

Anyone who has seen Entourage or any biopic about someone who becomes a star will recognize the well-worn allegories of show-biz drama. It isn't easy to stay true to yourself, your friends or your vision in the shark-infested waters of the entertainment business."

Here's an interview with The Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar.  Guess which character he plays. 

I don't care how set up and produced Million Dollar Listing  is, I could watch it for hours upon hours.  Luis' outburst at Frederik was Real World Portland  like, absent the punches.

Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence are combining their comedic talents for a new FX series.  Former Frasier star Grammer and Martin star Lawrence will co-star in a comedy for FX, about two two Chicago lawyers from vastly different backgrounds who unexpectedly meet in court on the worst day of their lives. Brought together by fate and greed, they develop a partnership and friendship, forcing each other to find the balance between the ethical and the unscrupulous in both their professional and personal lives.

Here's another list of summer reality shows, including a few gems you might have forgotten about or never heard of in the first place.

I still don't complete see the point of Tumblr, but this cracked me up

I guess Paula Deen is a racist