Monday June 17, 2013

I stopped watching this show, but according to TMZ, Selma Blair's future on FX's 
Anger Management may be in jeopardy after a disagreement with the show's star, 
Charlie Sheen.  The clash started when Blair allegedly complained to Anger Management executives about Sheen's unprofessionalism and called him a "menace" to work with. Sheen found out about Blair's comments and, according to the report, said he fired Blair himself.  He supposedly also told the show's crew that he would refuse to shoot if she showed up on the set Monday. 

Sheen reportedly already has his eye on a replacement for Blair: Mila Kunis (who happens to be dating Ashton Kutcher, who replaced Sheen after he was fired from Two and a Half Men).  Sheen has extended an offer to Kunis to guest-star on Anger Management for 10 episodes, at a rate of $1 million per episode, TMZ reports.

The truth behind this season's Bachelorette contestant Brad McKenzie, who shockingly admitted to Desiree of being slapped with a restraining order by his ex after a little bout of domestic violence.  The zero tolerance to violence that used to exist both during casting and taping has evidently been lifted across the board.  Just ask Nia and Averey if you don't believe me.

More from TMZ, Curb Your Enthusiasm star Jeff Garlin apparently had some issues curbing his anger Saturday.  The actor was arrested for allegedly smashing a couple car windows following a heated argument. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that the 51-year-old actor was arrested for felony vandalism in Studio City around 3 pm.  Evidently, Garlin got into a verbal fight with another person over a parking space which escalated quickly and resulted in Garlin allegedly smashing the windows of the other person's Mercedes. 

I have tremendous affinity for Garlin and am slowly becoming a regular at the tapings of his In Conversation With podcasts.  I have to believe there's another side to this story and before too long Jeff will set the record straight.

From TV Guide , "New Girl's Max Greenfield recently added awards-show host to his résumé, emceeing the 12th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball, which honors people who help L.A.'s homeless land jobs. Here are five other things he's doing on his summer break.

1. Reading Dad Is Fat by Jim Gaffigan. 'As a dad, it's proven to be an excellent resource.'

2. Teaching daughter Lilly, 3, how to swim. 'We took her to Hawaii, and now she's ready to go.'

3. Reprising his role as Leo D'Amato in the Veronica Mars movie, which starts shooting in July. 'I haven't even read the script yet, but I said yes!'

4. Binge-viewing Netflix's new Arrested Development episodes. 'I'm going to have a solid marathon session with the Bluths.'

5. Getting back in shape for his next round of shirtless Schmidt scenes. 'I'll be doing some CrossFit, because I know New Girl's going to start off strong with the nudity.'"

I realized that on Sunday nights I watch two shows that are trying to produce the "next" star on their respective networks: Design Star  on HGTV and Food Network Star .  Have we seen any real stars emerge from either of these shows?  The answer is yes.  David Bromstad and Guy Fieri, respectively.  Have we seen any real stars emerge lately?  Absolutely not.  This year's casts are both pretty eclectic and I'll remain cautiously optimistic that at least one of the two shows will churn out a star with some longevity.

If you're still watching The Voice , here's an argument for Michelle Chamuel.

Scott Foley will be a regular on Scandal starting next season. 

The true identity of Bob Benson was revealed on Mad Men  last night.  Let the speculation begin that he's Don Draper, redux.