Thursday May 9, 2013

Slow day around the dial this morning.

Howard Stern did a great interview with the original MTV Veejays.  You can check out a snippet here.

Will Arnett's explains Gob's famous Chicken Dance here.  

"To decide what Gob’s bad impression of a chicken might be, Arnett consulted on set in 2003 with series executive producers Mitch Hurwitz and James Vallely. They all tried out different versions for each other. 'Jimmy started doing a little bit, then Mitch got up and did some, and then I began trying things,” remembers Arnett. 'Picture three grown men hopping around, working out what it would be … They were pitching this really taunting dance, but I wanted to give it this very sharp, almost roosterlike, chest-sticking-out mannerism, like a real macho bravado dance.' And how did clapping get introduced to the move? 'Because I wanted it to be only sort of threatening.'”

Here's what's on tap for each of the cast members of The Office following the series finale.

Survivor still remains my #1 go to off my DVR list and last night's blindside was another terrific one.  Here are host Jeff Probst's remarks: "Yes, I spoke with her immediately after the vote and she was pretty upset by the betrayal, especially from Dawn. I think that Brenda played a pretty worthy game both as strategist and as human. She gave a lot of herself to other people. So, to have her entire alliance — but mainly Dawn — sucker punch her was tough to take."

Per USA Today, "Funny or Die posted a new installment of the series. It begins with a hilarious James Francointerview that includes gems from Zach like these: 

"127 Hours. Is that how many hours you look in the mirror every day?"

"Your face resembles James Dean's. Is it safe to say your sausage resembles Jimmy Dean's?

Zach: "Would you ever consider hosting the Oscars?"
James: "I did that already."
Zach: "Yeah, I don't consider what you did at the Oscars hosting the Oscars. Would you ever consider hosting it properly?"

Just as the chat really starts to become heated, the clip transforms into a new music video from The Lonely Island (Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone). The spring break-themed clip features appearances by Zach, James and Edward Norton."

To check it out, head here when you have a sec.

Here are seven reasons New Girl's Nick Miller deserves more credit.