Wedesday May 29, 2013

I caught the premiere of The Bachelorette last night.  Can someone PLEASE explain that corny as hell opening background package with Desiree?  Was the roller skating on Venice Beach necessary?  I didn't come into the first episode as a big fan of her and certainly don't walk away with finding her any more likable.  Regardless, the season should provide its typical drama.  Here's a podcast laying out some predictions on who should ultimately win Des' heart.

It is worth noting that Monday's premiere was the lowest rated opening night in the show's history.  Some blame the fact that it went up against The Voice.  I blame the cast.

I'm as close to being done with The Voice as you can get.  I fast forwarded through the majority of the painfully long Memorial Day final 8 episode.  At this point, I'm content to read who wins.

Must be nice to be Adam Levine these days.

I was at a wedding this past weekend, but it didn't compare to this (from

Aaron Paul has been publicly smitten by Lauren Parsekian for more than a year; now  he's married to her, too. The pair wed in Malibu on Sunday. Paul is the co-star of Breaking Bad and a bitchin' Corn Pops ad; Parsekian is an anti-bullying activist and co-CEO of Finding Kind Productions. John Mayer and Foster the People performed at the wedding. The reception featured "a small ferris wheel, a swing ride and a photo booth for the 1920s carnival-themed celebration." And people on stilts, and David Blaine doing magic.

Per Deadline, "[c]hanges are afoot at MTV. Head of Programming Susanne Daniels announced today that Lauren Dolgen was named Head of West Coast Reality, EVP of Series Development for MTV. It also was announced that Kimberly Rach and Andrew Portnoy will now co-head production for MTV and Chris Linn, EVP of Programming and Head of Production will be leaving MTV in the next few weeks."  I'm 99% sure Andy Portnoy went to law school with me for a semester before dropping out.  Looks like he landed on his feet and I wish him all the best. announced that it has chosen five of the 14 pilots it posted online in April to become full-blown series: Alpha House, a political comedy created by Doonesbury‘s Garry Trudeau that stars John Goodman (and features a cameo by Bill Murray); Betas, a Silicon Valley-set comedy starring Ed Begley Jr.; and AnnebotsCreative Galaxy, and Tumbleaf, three series aimed at kids.

James Lipton claims that he was a pimp 50 years ago in France.  According to Lipton, he got into the pimping game via a prostitute he became "great friends" with, and soon found himself managing the careers of numerous ladies of the evening.

Buzzfeed lists the top 20 canceled shows that should be revived.