Wednesday May 22, 2013

I caught the premiere of The Goodwin Games on FOX and can safely say that I will not be returning for episode 2.  I'm a fan of TJ Miller and he was the lone bright spot on a show that has a creative premise but failed to deliver.

Truth be told, I am very much enjoying Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life.  MTV describes the show as "an intimate, no-limits documentary series taking us inside the world of multi-platinum recording artist Ke$ha as she faces the biggest personal and professional challenges of her life.  Shot over the course of two years by her filmmaker brother, Lagan Sebert, the series provides unprecedented behind the scenes access to Ke$ha's life and her coming of age as an artist and young woman.  The audience views this incredible journey in real time, and because of the sibling bond of trust, and unprecedented access, there are no filters and no walls, it's all real and raw."  

Speaking of MTV, Catfish: The TV Show returns for a supersized 16-episode second season on Tuesday, June 25 at 10p. Once again, viewers will join hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph in their cross-country journey to unite young couples, taking their online-only romantic relationships offline and in person. 

MasterChef returns tonight on FOX.  I've been a fan of this show from day 1 although more Gordon Ramsay is certainly not what this country needs right now.

Ever wonder what happened to Tila Tequlia?  Me neither, but this is an interesting article about her rise to and fall from fame.

Modern Family producer Danny Zuker threw down with Donald Trump on Twitter and didn't pull any punches.

Here's a snippet of Howard Stern interviewing Bill Hader this morning.

Things have taken a sad turn in Happy Endings’ search for a new home.  Sources who claim to be "in the know" are reporting that USA and Sony are far apart on a price for the show. Another source close to the negotiations said USA is “still considering Happy Endings, but it is a longshot.” And a source close to the show said, “I don’t believe there have been any additional conversations over the last couple of days.” As for whether USA was the only potential buyer, this person said that things had seemed to be progressing with USA, so the show hadn’t looked for other suitors. But if things fall apart there, “This could change.”