Tuesday May 14, 2013

I feel like Cochran and Michelle Chamuel from The Voice should date.

Speaking of The Voice, evidently Christina Aguilera will be back to reclaim the seat so aptly filled by Shakira this season. At the end of the day, I think I might prefer Shakira. I definitely prefer Usher to Cee Lo.

We finally caught a glimpse of the Mother in How I Met Your Mother. This was the cliffhanger the network and producers had been driving towards all season and I walked away from the episode with the same who cares feeling. Seems like too little too late. For what it's worth, the actress who portrayed the future Mrs. Ted Mosby is none other than Cristin Milioti, who, per her IMDb page, has not had a memorable role to date. Maybe this will put her on the map.

The first trailer for the upcoming season of Arrested Development has been released. Watch it here.

Because it's probably been a while, here are some recent photos of Minka Kelly.

A Danity Kane reunion? Click here if for no other reason than to check out a recent Twitpic from Aubrey O'Day.

I caught the second episode of Newlyweds: The First Year last night and I can honestly say that I despise all 8 people on this show. There is not a single likable thing about any of them. I have to believe that in today's world of casting for these types of shows, the pool of applicants had to have offered better choices than these clowns. Alaska and whatever his wife's name is bill themselves as a "power couple" but they share an apartment in the Bronx with Alaska's sister and young child and they wash their clothes at a laundromat. If that doesn't scream "power couple" I don't know what does. I wasn't a fan of the concept to begin with but out of obligation, I gave it a fair shot. Shame on you Bravo.