Monday April 8, 2013

Don Draper and crew are back! I found last night's two hour premiere to be as good as ever and am thrilled to have this show back on the air. Sideburns are in style and Betty Draper is still boring. . . .

Here are a few thoughts from around the internet, including an interview with John Slattery:

Here are 18 Mad Men anachronisms spotted by people with far too much time on their hands.

I caught the premiere of Best Ink on Oxygen this weekend. While this show is a complete and utter duplicate of Ink Master on Spike, I like Ink Master and ergo, I enjoy Best Ink. Pete Wentz has taken over as the host and while he's likely to come into form, he's a bit stiff and robotic. That said, he's a definite upgrade over Kimberly Caldwell.

Men At Work is back on TBS, and as silly as this show may seem, it makes me laugh so I recommend checking it out if you haven't yet seen it.

Evidently, TNT is the new home for a plethora of 90's teen actors.

Peter Dinklage drunk on Saturday Night Live?

I updated my DVR series manager this weekend and officially canceled all future recordings of American Idol. Sayonara.