Tuesday April 30, 2013

I attended a live taping of By The Way, In Conversation With Jeff Garlin podcast last night.  I have spoken very highly of this new podcast in recent months and will continue to do so until it becomes #1 on iTunes.  Last night, Garlin sat down with Amy Poehler and the two of them chatted for the better part of two hours.  Give this episode a listen when it's released and get on board if you're not already.

From Deadline, Hulu has picked up Money Where Your Mouth Is, a new comedic game show hosted by actor-comedian Jay Mohr. Financed by Believe Entertainment Group (The LeBrons with LeBron James), Money Where Your Mouth, which is being announced at Hulu’s NewFront in New York today, is described as a game show for the man’s man. It will feature lifelong friends wager their most prized possessions and go head-to-head to take the items from one another in a harrowing battle of “man wits.”  Three rounds of competition will include everything from identifying movie quotes and obscure trivia to physical challenges and debating some of the greatest questions that plague mankind, the kind of knowledge every guy uses as the true measure of their manhood.

More from Deadline, "[a]fter a long gestational period, ABC is proceeding with Sing Your Face Off, a six-episode talent variety competition series based on Endemol‘s international format Your Face Sounds Familiar.  Casting is underway for five celebrities who each week will take on the identity of famous music artists. The assignments will be random, with the celebrities sometimes finding themselves transformed into someone much older or younger than them and even of a different gender. To accomplish that, the contestants spend hours in the makeup chair and days with choreographers and vocal coaches as they are judged on how they embody everything about the assigned icon — their walk, their talk, and their distinguishing mannerisms. There are no eliminations, but there is one winner announced in the finale." 

Check out this interview that Vulture did with Ders (Anders Holm from Workaholics).

Here are the latest Mad Men character rankings from Grantland.  Bobby Draper at #4?  

I watched that new Ke$ha show on MTV and I was actually engaged.  The show is nothing novel or unique but she's such a whack that it makes for some entertaining television.  I'll be back for episode two.  Beyond that, who knows?

I also caught a few minutes of Welcome To Myrtle Manor on TLC.  I'm presuming you've never heard of this show and you're probably best off to keep it that way.  Per Reality Tea, "[t]he Learning Channel show follows the inhabitants of a Southern trailer park, and the cast is determined to make a name for themselves…maybe not through ratings, but through arrests.  In the last week, three of the cast mates were popped by the po-po with two being arrested over the weekend.  Now two of the Myrtle Manor residents are facing DUI charges while another faces allegations of sexual acts with a minor.  Oh goodness!"

Get well soon Ronnie.