Monday April 29, 2013

I decided to grin and bear it and watched What Would Ryan Lochte Do?  Wow.  He comes across dumber than dumb and it's actually pretty sad watching him on camera trying to articulate anything and attempting to give off the idea that he's cool and hip.  He's not.  If I were a sponsor of his, I'd demand that either they take the show off the air or I'd pull my sponsorship immediately.  He has completely assassinated his image and remember, the cameras don't lie.  Episode 1 was full of Lochte acting like a drunk bumbling idiot, hitting on girls and seemingly needing several takes to ask and answer some pretty basic questions.  A joke to Lochte was putting his sister as "Satan" on the bowling scoresheet.  It's a laugh a minute with this clown.  He repeatedly referred to the movie What Women Want as What Woman Want.  Need I go on?

Speaking of dodos, I caught both episodes of Wicked Single on VH1 last night.  I'm sure I've mentioned Nikki before, but she's the train wreck of the group and that's quite a feat considering the competition from the likes of Chubs, Chelsi, Rachel et al.  Nikki and Lochte might have a combine IQ of 24, maybe.  Poor Nikki failed her bartending exam and had to come back to retake it.  She landed a job, clearly with the help of the producers, and made her way around the bar like a chicken with her head cut off.  Poor Nikki.

I also watched Giving You The Business.  Interesting concept and a pretty well done show.  I think they made a misstep with the host as Walter Bond was a pretty weak selection.  Bond is evidently a former NBA player, unbeknownst to me.  He brings zero credibility to the program either as a cook or as a business owner.  Very puzzling.

Tough time for athlete hosted/fronted shows right now.  Kurt Warner's The Moment on USA is moving to Friday nights, meaning it's on its way off the air.  Last week's episode drew 950,000 total viewers and 249,000 adults 18-49.  USA brass stress that they remain committed to the unscripted genre.

Two And A Half Men was renewed for an 11th season.  Why?  The show has been absolutely brutal this season (yes I still watch), to the point where it doesn't even make me crack a smile.  Alan Harper has become intolerable in a Ryan Lochte sort of way.

This is only tangentially TV related, but why in the world is Arby's still using Bo Dietl in its commercials?