Monday April 22, 2013

Showtime premiered another season of Gigolos on Thursday and for some unknown reason, I watched.  This show continues to repulse and it's like a bad accident where I can't look away.  One of the show's "stars" is "Nick Hawk" who is an aspiring rapper in addition to a working male gigolo.  His new single "Tippin and Sippin" was prominently featured in episode 1 and it's akin to the dreck that the wanna be Real Housewife musicians put out.  Here's a link to Nick's website and here's a link to his "song."

ABC really messed with my DVR on Friday night.  I thought we were getting two new episodes of Happy Endings, but instead it was a repeat of Tim Allen's show and a repeat of HE.  That cannot be a good sign for this show sticking around.  I think the best we can hope for is a save a la Cougar Town.  I also picked up a repeat of Shark Tank on my DVR which was labeled as new.  Not sure if that's a DirecTV or ABC issue, but let's fix that, stat.

According to, "[a] cappella singing is hot at the moment following the success of feature Pitch Perfect, about competing college a cappella groups. So American Idol producer 19 Entertainment and its parent company CORE Media Group have signed an exclusive deal with Varsity Vocals, the collegiate a cappella organization that organizes the International Championship of A Cappella, to develop a show built around the competition and the college students who participate in it. I hear Varsity Vocals president Amanda Newman announced the partnership at the ICCA International finals tonight in NYC. Also looking to take advantage of Pitch Perfect‘s success is Universal sibling NBC, which recently announced the revival of its a cappella competition series The Sing Off.

I wrapped up production this weekend on a new show for FOX Sports Net called The Sub.  The show finds a struggling co-ed rec league team and gives them a former professional athlete for one game.  Participants for season one included Terrell Owens, David Justice, Brandi Chastain and Gary Payton.  I'll provide updates here as to when the show will air so stay tuned.

Ready For Love has officially been pulled from the air.  NBC decided to can the big budget dating show after only 2 episodes, both of which rated in the low to mid 1's.  It is yet to be decided if and where the remaining 7 episodes will be made available.

Despite what the New York Times said about Rectify, I might check out the premiere tonight on Sundance.  "Rectify, a new series about a Georgia man who is freed after 19 years on death row, traces the history of the Sundance Channel in reverse. For about an episode and a quarter, it’s very good television. But over the rest of its six-episode first season it resembles nothing so much as a bad indie film, the kind of slow and tepid bummer that used to fill Sundance’s late nights and afternoons when it was a full-time movie channel."