Wednesday April 3, 2013

Bravo has announced a long list of new shows, many of which look absolutely horrible, but click here for a full list.  Here are a few highlights:

City Sisters — Fall 2013

Bravo description: The series follows a group of single, up-and-coming movers and shakers in New York’s elite circles of real estate, fashion, and media. These ladies are aggressive in their pursuit of personal and career goals, but in this cutthroat world where egos are high and the drive to succeed is even higher, success can come at a steep cost.

Divorce Diva (working title)

Bravo description: When couples go from “I do” to “I don’t,” Vikki Ziegler is who they call to mediate, advise and divide their assets out of court. Why let a judge decide your fate when the Divorce Diva can cut through all the drama to determine who will get what?

**Note on this one: I know Vikki and actually had a show similar to this in development with her a few years back.  I'm curious to find out who's producing this so if you know, please leave a comment.

Thicker Than Water: The Tankards — Fall 2013

Bravo description: This docu-series follows former professional basketball player turned popular gospel singer/recording artist and minister Ben Tankard, his blended family and their journey in expanding the family fortune. From music-producing to NBA life coaching and motivational speaking, this business-oriented family strives to keep on top of their game, but finds their true passion lies in ministry.

**Note on this one: Ben Tankard never played a minute in the NBA.  He was invited to a training camp and was cut prior to the season.  Any insinuation that he's a former NBA'er is false and misleading.

Here's a new one for you, Destination America has green lit a show all about high end bathrooms.  According to the New York Post, 

The series, produced by Magilla (“Moonshiners,” “Long Island Medium”), will focus on Hoxie Homes and Remodeling, a northern Minnesota-based team of builders, contractors, carpenters and designers who design the ultimate bathrooms for demanding customers. Led by owner Jeff Hoxie, the company designs high-end bathrooms featuring giant flat-screen TVs, heated floors and, yes, even a solid-gold urinal.

One bathroom featured on the show, for instance, is controlled by a portable iPad, which runs a seven-headed shower system with LED “mood lighting” and Bose speakers — and includes a fully body carwash-type dryer system.

Another bathroom, designed for a hockey-obsessed Minnesota man, features a glass-enclosed toilet (so he can watch his flat-screen TV while answering nature’s call).

If you caught the finale of Justified last night and still have questions floating around in your head, check out this interview Alan Sepinwall did with producer Graham Yost and, in all likelihood, your questions will be answered.

Here's an interview with Danny McBride talking about the 4th season of HBO's Eastbound and Down.

I'm really enjoying this season of The Voice thus far.  I think Usher and Shakira have been fine additions/temporary fill-ins and I'd go so far as to say that I think Usher should be a permanent fixture replacing Cee Lo.  Usher oozes cool and makes for good TV.  Cee Lo, not as much.

Here's a good read from Vulture about upcoming comedy pilots.

Howard Stern interviewed Louis C.K. this morning and he was, as expected, a fantastic guest.  Check out a snippet here.