Tuesday April 16, 2013

Let's just say I am responsible for the appearances of more than a few of the names on this list of the saddest athlete reality tv show appearances.  While I beg to differ on a handful of these and could add a couple more to the list, it's a fun quick read.

Spike TV is in the headlines with their new slate of programming for 2013.  I have a couple of comments along the way, for what they're worth:

Adam Carolla is a watchdog for homeowners or businesses who have been cheated by a contractor and left with an unfinished disaster on To Catch a Contractor, tracking down the builder and getting retribution for the owner. Eyeworks USA created the pilot for Spike TV. 

**HLN is doing an identical show and DIY has a show that does everything except track down the contractor.

In Covert Kitchens (from Shine America), Graham Elliot, award-winning chef and judge on MasterChef, gives viewers an exclusive invitation into the underground restaurant world.  

**Congrats to Chef Elliot, who, FYI, is also a die hard Pearl Jam fan.

Jon Taffer (Bar Rescue) teams with two fellow restaurant industry experts in Hungry Investors. From Eyeworks USA, the show puts struggling restaurants to the test in a challenge-based competition for the chance to win a cash investment.

Biz Brokers (from the T Group) focuses on the smart middlemen behind high-pressure business deals. The show comes to Spike TV from The T Group.

**I have a conference call this morning with a former professional athlete who is being considered as a host of this show.

Frankenfood (from Sharp Entertainment) features chef Eric Greenspan as he travels the country finding Americans with the most unique food creations. 

Auto Body Avengers centers on a team of operatives who go undercover to spotlight garages suspected of fraud. Matador produced the presentation.

In Property Monstrosity (from Thinkfactory Media) neighbors join forces to confront the owner of the eyesore on the block, offering to fix the disastrous house as long as he or she moves out and leaves the renovation in their hands. 

**Doesn't Scripps have a slew of these shows?

Criminal defense attorney Adam Reposa takes on shady salesmen, nasty neighbors, lousy landlords and anyone else who stands in the way of Reposa Justice. The show comes to Spike TV from Left/Right and Watson Pond Productions.

Job applicants unwittingly compete for a full-time position as hidden cameras capture their reactions to being put through extreme on-the-job tests designed to find the perfect hire on Take This Job and Love It. The pilot is being produced for Spike by Scott Stone, Ross McCall and Stone & Company.

We're the Boss is a workplace reality series in which everyday employees across America get to be in charge for one week. The Hochberg Ebersol Company (THE Co.) created and is producing the pilot. 

Hard Money (from Matador) takes viewers inside the fast-paced, high-stakes world of hard money lending; essentially, legal loan-sharking.

Stop the Adam Scott should be the next Bachelor campaigning.  It is NOT going to happen.  Sorry.

The Voice continues to creep towards perfection.  The show isn't missing a beat with new judges Usher and Shakira and the Steal is still playing well after introducing it last season.  One quick fix if anyone's listening, 86 Christina Milian.  She brings nothing to the show and is a waste of whatever part of the production budget she's chewing up.

Yes, I still watch The Celebrity Apprentice.   I actually emailed a couple of names to production yesterday as candidates to appear on the next season.  That said, here's a link to some info about the charities for which the celebrities are playing.

If you're planning on checking out Rectify on Sundance, here's a link to the series' 2-hour premiere.

Is Mad Men the most "anti-pregnancy show ever?"