Saturday March 9, 2013

Just a couple of notes for your weekend reading/viewing . . .

I caught an episode of Freakshow on AMC.  If you haven't seen it or heard of it, the name of the show is descriptive.  The episode I watched involved this guy trying to establish a relationship with his 5 year-old daughter, this guy (who goes by Marrugun The Mystic) sticking skewers through his body, and this guy sticking needles through his face.  It's a very disturbing watch, not something I'm recommending, but perhaps something I'll watch again.

Is anyone still watching The Taste?  I am, for no good reason as this show is just awful.  The format stinks, there's zero drama and the whole show feels off.  The finale is next week so thankfully I'll get it off my series manager.

I'm officially all in on The Americans on FX.  I'm fully caught up and the show is interesting, well written, dramatic and full of some great acting.  I was on the fence for this one, but after watching this past week's episode, I'm hooked.

Potentially bad news for fans of Whitney.  I know there a lot of Whitney haters out there but this show actually makes me laugh each week.  The potential bad news is that Chris D'Elia (who I have praised in the past for his work on the show and on his Ten Minute Podcast) has signed on to play the lead in Bill Lawrence's new sitcom Undatable.

Here's the promo for Louis C.K.'s April 13th HBO special.  Mark that date on your calendar now.