Friday March 8, 2013

As you might know, I remain baffled by the success of Duck Dynasty.  I just don't find it to be an enjoyable watch.  8.6 million people tuned in for the premiere this week, so do they know something I don't?  Maureen Ryan at The Huffington Post offers her take which includes this piece of wisdom: 

"Duck Dynasty" is a combination of backwoods "reality" shows, family comedies and Thom Beers' "Deadliest Catch"-style he-man shows. Nothing about "Duck Dynasty" is off-putting; we've seen everything on it before. Ultimately, it's an uplifting, zany comedy about a close-knit family that has its share of squabbles but still demonstrates intense loyalty, and that's a TV recipe that seems to have worked out well for everything from "The Addams Family" to "All in the Family" to "Modern Family."

Again, call me crazy, but I'm not interested in Willie or any of the other ZZ Top looking Duck dudes.  Sorry.

I have no idea how I'm going to make it through this season of American Idol.  There's no way I'm going to be able to watch any episode the night it airs as I have to fast forward through certain performances and most of the judges' comments.  FOX needs some new programming for the spring because 5.5 hours of Idol each week is quite egregious.

The cast of Parenthood did a live stream from PaleyFest yesterday, which you can watch here if you're interested.  More importantly, however, is the fact that there was nothing mentioned about a 5th season of this show.  Showrunner Jason Katmis alluded to certain plot lines that might exist IF season 5 were green lit.  Come on NBC, you're plodding along in the gutter and this is the best drama on your net.  Let's get it together and announce the show's return.

For those who care, Joy Behar is leaving The View after 16 years.  The only thing I think of when I hear Joy Behar is Bradley Cooper's line to Zack Galifianakis in The Hangover. "It's called a satchel.  Indiana Jones carries one. . . . So does Joy Behar."

Justin Timberlake will become the 13th person to host Saturday Night Live 5 or more times.  Think you can name the other 12?  Once you give up, here's the full breakdown.

Gonna take a pass on this one.  Parents convinced their child is the smartest on the playground are in luck with ABC's new game show, Bet on Your Baby.  Hosted by Melissa Peterman, the competition features toddlers performing various challenges from stacking cookies to cleaning up toys. The parents guess their child's next move in hopes of winning money toward their college fund. The show debuts Saturday, April 6 at 8p.