Thursday March 7, 2013

I will be at the first taping of Splash on Sunday.  I see that Joey Lawrence and Charissa Thompson are hosting.  I'm lukewarm on that duo but still have very high hopes for this show.  ABC seems to be behind it as well as I see the promos airing every hour.

My stomach dropped when I read that DirecTV could end up pulling the plug on the NFL Sunday Ticket.  After moving out of New York and finally having the ability to subscribe to DirecTV for the sole purpose of having access to Sunday Ticket, I'm devastated at the news that it may be no more.  While this could and likely would mean more access for more people to watch NFL games of their choice, the Game Mix channel has become such a Sunday staple in my home that it's disappearance would throw a real wrench into my weekends in the fall/winter.

Anders Holm from Workaholics just scored a gig to do a four episode arc on The Mindy Project, a show that I do not watch.  However, this news might get me to tune in for a couple of weeks to give the show a chance and to see Anders.  I've said this before and I'll say it again, if you're not watching Workaholics on Comedy Central, get on board.  Season 3 has been off the charts funny and the show has already been renewed for two more seasons, thankfully.

I had a development/brainstorming meeting with some producer friends last night and it was made abundantly clear to me that I watch WAY too many shows that no one else I know has ever seen, or in some cases heard of.  In all honesty, I don't know where I find the time to squeeze some of this garbage in my life, but I'm happy that my DVR is not part of the public domain.