Wednesday March 6, 2013

The finale of The Joe Schmo Show aired on Spike last night and I tip my cap to you John Moore.  The reveal played out brilliantly and Chase Rogan was so unbelievably cast that it is almost mind boggling.  I encourage you to click on the reveal link and watch how it played out.  For those who aren't familiar with the show's concept, here's a pretty long-winded explanation from

The Joe Schmo Show is a one-hour, 10-episode series featuring a real guy who believes he is on an over-the-top reality show looking for America’s next bounty hunter and the chance to win $100k. What he doesn’t know is the entire show is FAKE. For over a year his entire world was carefully planned by a team of writers, producers, and actors all performing for him. His “competitors” are actually actors representing every classic reality show cliché, including the Buddy, the Jerk, the Model, and even Lorenzo Lamas, playing a washed-up version of himself. The actors must do their best under these insane circumstances to follow a pre-determined script. One break in character or a single misspoken word could bring the entire show crashing down around them. He’ll experience everything from flame throwers and stun guns to being chained to federal inmates and capturing his own fugitive. “Joe” must navigate this ridiculous world while we discover how a contestant reacts to being thrust on a show filled with every outlandish element reality television has to offer. How far can producers push this 'reality,' and the ensuing ridiculous competitions? Will “Joe’s” character remain intact? And of course, will the actors be convincing enough or will our unsuspecting “Joe” figure it all out?

Rumors are swirling that the King of All Media Howard Stern is being groomed to take over Jimmy Fallon's late night slot once Jay Leno steps down and Fallon's slides into the 10:30 slot.  It was the NY Post reporting and quite frankly, I would bet there is little to no truth to the story.  Feel free to read it here if you're so inclined.

Big news at yesterday's upfronts as FOX officially announced the launch of FS1 with Regis headlining a daily sports talk show.  Blah blah blah.  It's an uphill climb to even get into the ring to go toe to toe with the world's leader but I'll be curious to see how this new net fares.

Tonight Bravo premieres new episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project, It's A Brad Brad World, and Dukes of Melrose.  Count me out for all 3.

I'm a day behind on American Idol.  Now that we're to the point of the live shows/audience votes, I start to lose interest.  I don't think I'll ever catch this show on the day it airs because I need to fast forward through most of the judges' comments, save for Nicki Minaj.

If you're still watching Community (I am), here's an article from the AP with some behind the scenes insight.

Mark McGrath seems to have hit a new low.  The hands down all-time greatest player in the history of Rock and Roll Jeopardy (hosted by Jeff Probst) appeared last night on an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap with Coolio.  Yikes.

Folgers + Gavin DeGraw = a new jingle.  This can't miss.