Tuesday March 5, 2013

If you haven't already heard, Jon Stewart and The Daily Show will be on hiatus for 12 weeks this summer so that Jon can make his feature film directorial debut.

Evidently the new Esquire network (formerly G4) has announced a couple of original shows, one of which is this: 

How I Rock It follows host and NBA superstar Baron Davis as he profiles the athletes, musicians, celebrities, designers, influencers and street-style icons whose careers, lives and lifestyles are setting a stylish new standard for today’s modern man. These are the leading tastemakers at the forefront of a men’s style revolution, from the sartorial to the culinary, from home decor to personal technology and more, who all share one thing in common: a passion for expressing themselves through personal style.

Nice piece on Justified, which is getting really good once again.

Game of Thrones and The Hold Steady are teaming up.  Very cool.

CMT has green lit a new slate of shows, a couple of which might (and I use the term lightly) be interesting:

Hillbillies for Hire, a Florida-set show about professional pranksters from Leftfield Pictures; The Dirty South, a Southern spin on Jersey Shore from 495 Productions and Shore creator SallyAnn SalsanoCops Reloaded, newly edited episodes of Cops; andThe Cassadee Pope Project, a untitled series following Cassadee Pope, season-three winner of The Voice.

So help me if Vanderpump Rules doesn't get a second season.  The finale last night was as advertised and I could really use a part 2, Andy Cohen.  In any case, see below for a snippet of a Q&A with our friend Stassi:

Bravotv.com: Do you think you and Jax will end up together?
SS: I have no idea what the future holds. We are just working on our friendship, and that's all I can give right now.

Bravotv.com: What was the most surprising fight or reveal that you feel happened at the reunion?
SS: Kristen and Tom accusing me of cheating with Frank actually really shocked me. It was disheartening and frustrating. I feel like they are two people who, once they've made up their minds about something, there is no convincing them otherwise, just like this past summer when they made the decision to believe Jax over me.

Bravotv.com: Anything else you want to say to wrap this season up?

SS: Just hoping for another season. This was such an amazing experience and I would love to do it again. I feel very blessed right now.

On the heels of the Vanderpump reunion was the premiere of LA Shrinksa docu-follow about three Los Angeles-based therapists.  There's the overtop and somewhat annoying Dr. Venus Nicolino, the gay and soon to be married to his partner of 23 years Dr. Greg Cason, and marriage and family therapist Dr. Eris Huemer.  I'm not sure this one is going to last, but I'll do my best to stick with it until it gets yanked.  It's a bit of a worse version of Miss Advisedspeaking of which, Emily Morse lives down the block from my office and I've seen her walking her dog at least a half dozen times.  Next time I will absolutely say hello.  After one episode, I'd say LA Shrinks ranks behind Miss Advised and Start-Ups Silicon Valley.

FOX handed out a few renewals today including New Girl and The Following, along with The Mindy Project (really?) and Raising Hope (REALLY?).  Here's an old GQ interview with New Girl's Max Greenfield.

Brody Jenner is coming back to television.  Hallelujah!