Monday April 1, 2013

Terrible news to report.  Buckwild's Shain Gandee was found dead in West Virginia this morning.  Here's a link to the story.  RIP Gandyman.

If you've been watching a lot of NCAA basketball as I have, you've likely seen CBS teasing a show called Under The Dome.  Here's the skinny in case you've been too lazy or indifferent to Google it: 

The summer series, which bows June 24 on CBS, follows residents in the community of Chester's Mill as they deal with the postapocalyptic conditions that ensue when a strange dome mysteriously encapsulates the town.

The show is based on a 1,000-page Stephen King novel that I have not read (or heard of), but I'm interested and will give this show a shot on my DVR.

I'm going to go out on a limb and actually recommend checking out Preachers' Daughters on Lifetime.  I've mentioned the show in the past, but having seen 3 episodes, I'm hooked.  The story lines are simple enough but interesting enough that I haven't lost interest.  The pace of the show works and I'm in for the remainder of the season.

I randomly ran into an old show runner friend yesterday and he just completed work on The Hero for TNT.  Production has actually not yet been completed as the finale episode still remains unfinished, but TNT is promoting the June 6 premiere of this show now and based on my friends' description of the production value and huge stunts on this show, I'm putting it on your radar now.

John McCain's daughter Meghan is getting her own show and if this headline doesn't get your attention, I don't know what will.  The show will be airing on the new Pivot channel debuting August 1.  Oy.

Here's a cool behind the scenes video on the making of last night's finale of The Walking Dead.  I liked how it ended and look forward to the show's return in the fall.  I didn't read the comic book so I'm not going to start picking holes in an otherwise great show.

I'm doing a little work for a new show on Sundance that is going to be pretty damn cool.  More details to follow on that one . . . . 

I watched the latest episode of Wicked Single last night and am pretty convinced that watching this show is literally rotting out my brain.  The cast of idiots is so excruciatingly dumb that it's often times painful to watch.  Get on board!