Friday March 29, 2013

Here is a list of "stories" about which I could not care less and should go away:

  • Whether or not Barbara Walters is leaving The View
  • Whether or not Jon Hamm wears underwear
  • What Jay Leno has to say about NBC, The Tonight Show or his successor
  • Who got voted off of American Idol

Moving on, Game of Thrones is back on Sunday.  Rejoice.

I was at the taping of episode 5 of Splash last night and I will tell you that you must stick with this show.  I've seen unprecedented events take place on this show that I haven't seen on any other competition show ever.  I implore you to watch to make sure it gets renewed for another season and beyond.

I'm not sure why I still watch Hell's Kitchen, but I do.  It's pretty awful.  It's the same nonsense week after week and season after season.  I really need to do a better job of deleting shows from my Series Manager because if it's on my List, odds are I'm watching it.

From, Fox has commissioned a pilot for Challenge Me, a game show from 
Talpa Media USA, the US-based production company of Dutch media entrepreneur John de Mol, creator/co-creator of such unscripted hits as The Voice, Big Brother, Fear Factor and Deal Or No Deal. Challenge Me is one of several projects in the works at Talpa, which is looking to expand on the success of its first series, NBC’s 
The Voice. Challenge Me, which just filmed a pilot, is a studio-based game show in which contestants who have unusual individual skills are pushed to the limit for a cash prize. Additionally, Talpa has a dating show in development at Fox. Its upcoming series include NBC’s singing-game show The Winner Is, hosted by Nick Lachey.

Congrats to one-time colleague Justin Hochberg on getting a second series order for The Moment on USA.  This is the show for which you may have seen some promos.  Host Kurt Warner, former NFL QB and Super Bowl Champion, gives men and women a second chance at reclaiming the career dreams they put on hold when their lives took an unexpected turn. Each week, someone is given the opportunity to pursue the career they’ve always wanted under the guidance of a mentor.