Thursday March 28, 2013

I don't think I've really delved into a couple of my true passions on this blog, in terms of music and television.  My favorite show of all time is Seinfeld and my favorite band in the history of the world is Pearl Jam.  The reason I mention this is because I was listening to a podcast this morning featuring actor and former Seinfeld character Patrick Warburton, who played David Puddy (believe it or not, Puddy only appeared in 10 episodes).  Warburton described his man cave as the "Ed Cave" because it is dedicated to "the greatest rock band of all-time, Pearl Jam."  I'll say this to Mr. Warburton, I thoroughly enjoyed watching you as David Puddy and continue to enjoy watching you play Jeff Bingham on Rules of Engagement, but my new found respect for you is so sky high that we need to find a way to take in a PJ show together.  I'm on a mission to make that happen.

Seven strangers picked to live in a house.  Welcome back Real World.  Season 27 kicked off last night in Portland, OR and so far so good.  This looks like a pretty decent group of characters and I don't think we're in for any great surprises from any of these people.  The scenes for upcoming episodes show an eighth cast member moving into the house.  This is not the first time MTV has tried this (Brooklyn was).  At a minimum, it looks like the new girl will bring some drama and at least one mano a mano brawl breaks out.  Good times.

VH1 has a list of all of the cast members from SNL ranked by how much money they've earned at the box office.  I won't spoil it for you but you can see the entire list here.

CBS announced a slew of renewals.  The most notable shows NOT on this list of renewals include Two And A Half Men and Rules of Engagement.  Come on CBS, my man Warburton needs to stay!

FX is spinning off a new network called FXX and it will launch the new net with two big comedies: The League and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.  I'm all for broadening our options and watering down the content on TV.  More trash for me to watch and perhaps more shows on which I can potentially work.  According to the LA Times, "FXX is scheduled to launch on Sept. 2. FX said it should be available in at least 70 million homes.  By moving two of its established comedies to the new channel, FX is betting that it will have some leverage in negotiations for carriage with cable and satellite distributors and attract attention from Madison Avenue."

Speaking of FX, Justified was renewed for a 5th season.  Season 4 wraps up next week and the finale looks like it is going to be VERY good.  This season started slow but is certainly ending on a high note.